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Nicollette Sheridan love life was like a fairy tales, she has a six-year romance with actor Leif Garret when she was only Then she reunited with her ex-boyfriend Michael Bolton, whom she had originally dated for five years starting in I feel very sorry for her because ultimately she is going to end up totally alone.

Like most actresses, she always wanted to be the centre of attention and have even her smallest wishes fulfilled. Scroll down for more The risque line could have come straight from the script of one of the TV soap abrigo oversize online dating which made Nicollette a household name.

Afterward, she found a new love in a Swedish actor named Niklas Soderblom to whom she happily engaged by winter Then the year-old actress made a surprising suggestion.

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He is currently in Geneva en route to a charity gala in Stockholm, where 'friends' including Owen Wilson, Jane Seymour and the cast of Ugly Betty have donated memorabilia to help him raise money for breast cancer awareness. She hurt my feelings, and took advantage of me.

He stormed out after Nicollette started screaming that the assistant had dyed her hair too much and that she would be niklas soderblom dating.

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I spent the night on a bench on the beach under a palm tree. When she walked into the club, I had no clue who she was. She got the maid to cook special food for him and she slept on the floor sometimes, just so she could cuddle him.

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She is the daughter of British actress Sally Adams, who had a long-running romance with movie star Telly Savalas after Nicollette was born.

Banishing him from the master bedroom at her Bel-Air home, she would guzzle ice-cream, then fall asleep among the English country-house-style furnishings, niklas soderblom dating the only living thing she seemed to really cherish - her golden retriever Oliver.

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When I'd ask her about them, she'd get very defensive. Teri, Marcia, Felicity, Eva It was very exciting if only because in my mind it was forbidden because I was living with my girlfriend. I think she would have been different if she'd carried on living in England, but she was eaten up by Hollywood.

She likes the excitement and the challenge of landing a new man but it never lasts. At times people wanted to take my picture more than hers, but I want to move on, to stop living in the past and stop talking about Nicollette.

Educated at Millfield, the exclusive public school in Somerset, Nicollette exudes self-confidence and she was living in considerable opulence on her royalties from Knots Landing when she first met Soderblom.

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A few days later, Nicollette issued a statement saying the engagement was over. She needed to prove to herself that she could get anyone she wanted.

She blamed them on me and she thought the way to deal with that was to move on to a new man. For seven years, the elegant British blonde held millions of viewers in thrall with her portrayal of the predatory Paige Matheson in Knots Landing. But he says she seemed to delight in hurting his feelings.

Nicollette and Bolton first split up in and spent eight years apart. She said she was scared that if anything touched her, she would get an infection. Soderblom is not surprised. Last night Nicollette Sheridan's agent refused to comment on Mr Soderblom's claims.


She was married fleetingly to actor Harry Hamlin and inshe dated singer Michael Bolton. Sheridan began her career as a fashion model, appearing in the pages of Vogue and on the cover of a Cosmopolitan shot by Francesco Scavullo.

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He said he was convinced it would ruin his hairdo. They touched on his childhood in Sweden, where his father was a carpenter, and her rather more privileged upbringing as an English public schoolgirl. He never swam in the sea. She would dress in Ugg boots and old trousers and just shut herself in the bedroom with the dog.

Although not initially convinced what he wanted to study, he eventually decided to follow in his father's footsteps. Last year Nicollette seemed to have cemented the relationship by agreeing to duet with him on his album Bolton Swings Sinatra.

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I had a nice two-bedroom apartment with an ocean view in Malibu but I gave it up and moved into her house. The actress was left to walk the red carpet alone at the premiere of Hollywood's latest hot film, Bee Movie. He bought her a diamond ring from Tiffany's and when she asked him to abandon his dreams of Hollywood stardom, he eagerly accepted.

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She said she was sure the producers intended to ditch her character. She was 13 when they broke up, leaving her heartbroken and confused. But this relationship came to its end by October of and she couple split after being together for a year and a half.

That much, he says, he understood. The next time she came in, she started to do weights very badly, so of course I started to give her advice. I'd had it with her," he said. Scroll down for more "Edie is a funny, flirty, sexy man-eater.

She was a middle-aged woman in Hollywood and deep down I am sure she sees Desperate Housewives as her last big break," he said.

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Scroll down for more But if Soderblom thought she would reciprocate with the kind of wild sexual scenes that are her on-screen hallmark, he was very much mistaken.

But they broke up two years later, with Soderblom saying she was too attached to her dog Oliver. For a few months, Nicollette rekindled her relationship with Michael Bolton. On one rare romantic evening, she asked him to wear a pair of pyjamas, which she said she found attractive.