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Like, say, Aretha Franklin, or Dusty Springfield, Simone was an eclectic who brought soulful qualities to whatever material she interpreted. Sometimes her voice changes from dark and raw to soft and sweet. Lil' Kal] You look armeense vrouwen dating service to me [Verse 3: The same could be said of her stage persona; admired for her forthright honesty and individualism, she was also known for feisty feuding with audiences and promoters alikeā€¦ by Richie Unterberger allmusic.

You look good to me [Verse 2: She pauses, shouts, repeats, whispers and moans. This goes out to all the beautiful ladies 18 to 80, blind, crippled or crazy No matter what nationality or persuasian Black beauty or Asian or Causasian No discrimination, I love all the nations Whether you're Jamaican, Hawaiian or Haitian?

Ni sa force Ni sa faiblesse ni son coeur.

She recorded extensively in the soul, jazz, and pop idioms, often over the course of the same album; she was also comfortable with blues, gospel, and Broadway. Add to this all the way she puts her spell on an audience, and you have some of the elements that make Nina Simone into a unique artist.

Other characteristics of the Simone art are: Sometimes piano, voice and gestures seem to be separate elements, then, at once, they meet. Biz Markie] Tell you what happened to me while I was mindin my biz I came across a girl by the name of Liz Puerto Rican or Spanish, almost went frantic For bein a 10 she was a body mechanic I was bee-beein on what I was seein It's like Pocahontas jumped out the TV, an Hourglass shape that made me go ape Ask Lil' Mo, she was a 'superwoman' with a cape She couldn't speak no English, I had Fat Joe with me So he could tell me what she was sayin about me She said, "I like papi with big belly" I said, "Why'd you tell her in Spanish that I want her tele -phone," now you know it's on Like hot butter on say what, the popcorn I had to have that cause she's a cutie And you know the other reason why is because.

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These qualities were among her strongest virtues; paradoxically, they also may have kept her from attaining a truly mass audience. Oh my goodness, I almost lost my mind When I saw this hee-haw that was so divine Now I would usually just kept goin But it hypnotized me the way she was throwin I said, "You want a burger and fries with that shake?

Biz Markie] Now that you kknow what I'm talkin about I know you will agree without a reasonable doubt Nothing's like a nice derriere Looks so good, it's just not fair Now let me tell you a story about a girl named Judy Was a 5 in the face, but had a real nice booty It was so soft and mesmerizin I met her in Jersey by?