Cost to Hook up a Washer and Dryer - Handyman Job Pricing and Estimates Cost to Hook up a Washer and Dryer - Handyman Job Pricing and Estimates

Non hook up washer and dryer. What did it cost you to install a washer and dryer hook up?

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Water Hookups Depending on the plumbing system, the washer connects to faucets along the supply lines or to a utility sink equipped with a hot and cold tap.

Measure the distance between the vent hole in the back of the dryer and the outside vent, and purchase a length of duct long enough to span the distance.

The rapid motion of the dryer exhaust can push the duct off if it is not secured with the clamp.

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Tighten the degree connector fully with pliers once it is hand lijo i lujo online dating. If the laundry room is located in a basement, the vent likely is located near the ceiling.

Secure the connection with a band clamp and screwdriver. Allow enough space between the back of the appliance and the wall so that you can non hook up washer and dryer comfortably behind it for all the hookup procedures. Things You Will Need.

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One way to save space in a laundry room, or other area, is to purchase a stackable washer and dryer. This connection allows electricity to flow to both the washer and dryer for normal functioning.

Before you buy, take some measurements to minimize complications during installation. Place the kit's washer onto each faucet head and press the kit's screen into the washer.

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There is no standard height for supply-line faucets, but either way, the valves are located near the washing machine electrical outlet -- close enough to run a short supply hose from the faucets to the valves on the back of the washer.

Gas-powered dryers are common, although some models may require a regular three-prong electrical outlet to power the display and control panel. They typically are located just above the dryer, away from the floor in case of flooding or washing machine overflow.

The hose should extend into the receptacle by approximately 6 inches to prevent any accidental water leaks when the washer drains.

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Hand tighten the hose onto the screen, washer, and faucet head. The line may be located at any height, as long as you have a gas line long enough to reach between the two points.

Hand press these two cable connectors together. Hooking up the stackable appliance requires attention to electrical cords, water lines, exhaust ducts and drain lines.

Confirm that the cold water faucet hose is connected to the cold connector on the washer. These models can fit into a garage corner, or even a closet, allowing more room for a folding table or other necessity. Secure the drain hose to one of the water hoses entering the washer with a tie wrap.

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Ventilation Dryers are nearly always vented through the wall and to the outdoors, allowing damp, hot air to escape. Tighten the connectors by hand, then give a final twist with a pair of pliers. Locations for all of these features vary depending on the layout of the laundry room.

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Gas Hookup Not all dryers run on electricity. A drain pipe is located near the faucets or sink at a level lower than the height of the washing machine.

This plastic tube should click into place.

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Turn the hoses two-thirds of a turn with a pair of pliers once they are hand tight. A gas line located at floor level near the outdoor dryer vent connects to the inlet valve on the back of the dryer. Ask a friend to help with the appliance positioning if it is extremely heavy.

Secure the duct onto the opening with a band clamp using a screwdriver. Run both the hot and cold water into the bucket to loosen any debris that may be in the faucet lines. Verify that the cold water hose is not blocking the hot water connection directly above it.

You need to plug in both machines, hook up water lines, route the drain line and install the dryer venting system. Dryer plugs have three or four prongs; some run parallel to each other, while others are angled.

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If the laundry room is on a main floor, the vent could be located near a window or at any height along the floor or wall, close to the electrical outlet.

Allow enough room for the various connections so that they do not become pinched or damaged. Washing machines feature a regular three-prong plug, while dryers may be equipped with any of several types. Outlets There is no standard height for washer and dryer outlets.

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If the plug doesn't match the outlet, you need to swap out the outlet facing with the appropriate type. Do not run the washer with the hot and cold connections reversed. Visually verify that no water leaks occur along the hose or any of the connection points.

Leave some room behind the appliance for the final hookups. Remove the bucket from underneath the faucets.