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Non sedating anti emetic medication, indications


Use of a test dose prior to using the drug in a given situation is advisable to avoid this idiosyncratic reaction. Hypokalaemia or hypomagnesaemia increases the risk of this complication, as does pre-existing QT prolongation.

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Premedication is usually given hours pre-operatively. Ovarian torsion in a premenarcheal girl: Specific indications - eg, prevention of infective endocarditis. Analgesia Opioids, paracetamol and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs reduce the required dose of anaesthetic agent and improve patient comfort in the immediate postoperative period.

In day-care cases, short-acting benzodiazepines eg, temazepam are often preferred. Important interactions Tricyclic antidepressants - antimuscarinic and sedative effects are potentially enhanced by co-administration of antihistamines.

Caution must non sedating anti emetic medication taken when considering the use of cyclo-oxygenase-2 COX2 inhibitors, because of their association with increased risk of myocardial infarction and stroke. Drowsiness tends to diminish over time.

Did you find this information useful? Griffin D, Shiver SA. CT findings in a child. Ovarian cyst torsion in a toddler. Intranasal Antihistamine Not as preferred Azelastine AstelinOlopatadine Patanol — better efficacy, better for congestion, faster acting, but more expensive and sedating.

Treatment for Allergic Rhinitis « Diary of a Caribbean Med Student

Most of the second-generation antihistamines have been shown to benefit chronic idiopathic urticaria. Clinical risk factors for ovarian torsion.

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Alimemazine and promethazine are considered to be the most sedating, whilst chlorphenamine and cyclizine are considered to be the least so of the 'sedating' group. Natural Ways Avoid exposure to allergens — Avoid pets, cigarette smoke, pollen, etc.


Superior to either treatment alone. Arrhythmias - second-generation antihistamines mizolastine and terfenadine are particularly prone to cause ventricular arrhythmias predominantly ventricular tachycardia and torsades de pointes. Usefulness of Doppler sonography in the diagnosis of ovarian torsion.

For asthmatics, allergic rhinitis is especially important to be treated as it can lead to asthma exacerbation.

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Can cause headache, elevated BP, tachycardia, intraocular pressure. The most effective agents are lorazepam and midazolam. Diagnosis of ovarian torsion with color Doppler sonography: Antiemetics Are used either to reduce the emetic effects of anaesthetic agents antihistamines, butyrophenones, hyoscine or to enhance gastric emptying metoclopramide.

Medication Summary

Decongestants Not preferred — Phenylephrine, Oxymetazoline AfrinPseudoephedrine — Not preferred because these meds have abuse potential, can cause rhinitis medicamentosa, rebound congestion. Doppler and gray-scale sonographic classification of adnexal torsion.

However, you could give it for patients who have trouble sleeping due to the symptoms. Ovarian Torsion in the Normal Ovary: First Generation Oral Antihistamine Not as preferred Brompheniramine BromphedChlorpheniramine ChlorphenClemastine DayhistDiphenhydramine Benadryl — Not as preferred because these are sedating, which can affect school performance, impair driving, and contribute to more work injuries.

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Amnesia Especially useful in the young or those having repeated general anaesthetics. Clinical characteristics of adnexal torsion in premenarchal patients.


Premedication is used to prepare the patient for anaesthesia and to help provide optimal conditions for surgery.

Clinical, surgical and pathologic findings of adnexal torsion in pregnant and nonpregnant women. CT and MR imaging appearances. Media Gallery Video depicts 2 findings: CT features in surgically proven cases of ovarian torsion- a pictorial review.

Hyoscine is the most potent agent available, with the added advantage of amnesia and sedation.

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Cetirizine and levocetirizine have been shown to be beneficial in children. Co-administration of antifungal imidazoles eg, ketoconazole, itraconazole and macrolide antibiotics eg, erythromycin, clarithromycin is to be avoided, as these drugs interact and raise the plasma concentration of second-generation antihistamines.

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Am J Emerg Med. Diagnosis of ovarian torsion by three-dimensional power Doppler in first trimester of pregnancy. These properties are sometimes useful for treating conditions where sleep is disturbed due to symptoms of urticaria or atopic dermatitis. Hemorrhagic infarction of the diseased ovary: Curr Probl Diagn Radiol.