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Perhaps surprisingly, this form is adequate to represent all the information in an XML document.

An extremely fast validating parser with a Python binding

I rate the vitality of each listed project as either "weak", "steady", or "strong" according to the recent visible activity on each project: A C application that uses the optionally validating RXP parser is probably not much different in speed than one that use the non-validating expat parser which is itself known for speed.

If this handler is not provided, external entities are reported by the DefaultHandler callback, if provided. It also provides a transformation engine.

Failures in parsing are failures in tree building; and a successful parse gives you a data structure that is much more efficient than a DOM representation of XML.

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The child list is more subtle: RXP builds a complete data structure in C, and all pyRXP needs to do is turn this completed structure into a very similar Python data structure. Most of the additions, though, point to the impressive activity that continues on the Python-XML front. This should never be reported by a standard build of the xml.

The first line is numbered 1.

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It is easy to do the same thing with pyRXP: TagWrapper acts as a proxy wrapper for pyRXP tuple trees. It is easiest to see the structure in action: The first column is numbered 0. An application built around expat is happy to pull off a few tags of interest as it reads through a gigabyte of XML, likely utilizing orders of magnitude less memory than the document size.

You can look through the source code for the file rxp.

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O'Reilly and Associatesremember that I presented a companion and update to that book in an earier article. It is responsible for creating the sub-parser using ExternalEntityParserCreate contextinitializing it with the appropriate callbacks, and parsing the entity.

These constants can be collected in free merseyside dating groups: This version of the filer runs in 7. In fact, for sufficiently large documents, expat gains an overpowering advantage--you rarely want to create an in-memory representation of a gigabyte XML document; with RXP you have no choice about this.

Minidom is a lightweight DOM implementation that is more pythonic. But creating such an extension would require more programming effort than is needed for the pyRXP wrapper, because even in C, expat works by programming callbacks for each tag and content.

A filter that utilized gnosis. Each of these tools utilizes input and output pipes, and can therefore be combined on command-lines and in shell scripts. The tagname is a straightforward string; and the attribute dictionary is a dictionary mapping attributes to values, as you would expect.

[Python] Validating XML DOM parser with PyXML (1)

In other words pyRXP ties the best memory usage, and is over six times as fast as the prior best! Still proxying adds some overhead. The pyRXP developers warn that xmlutils is experimental though, so perhaps much more efficient wrappers could be developed.

The constants in the quantifier group are: The parsing step swamps this difference, but if you imagine an application that parses an XML document once, then performs hundreds of different filtering actions e.

New in version 2.

DOM non validation parsing (XML forum at Coderanch)

The overall effect is that you can access tuple trees in a "native Python" style that is very similar to that provided by gnosis. RXP, in contrast, builds the data structure right in the parser. Anobind is a data binding which provides for customized bindings using XPath and Python patterns.

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It follows the general lines of DOM Level 2. Its primary serialization syntax is an XML vocabulary. The constants in the model type group are: It supports DTD validation. The tool rxp is similar to the utility xmlcat. The context value is opaque and should only be used as described below.

It is implemented in Python and C, although bindings can also be written in Java. Character offset into the line where the error occurred. Moreover, the connection with non-XML version of analogous tools can be seen by removing the "sg" prefix from many of the names.

Xml Matters #29: The Rxp Parser

Jones and Fred L. Comparator, Gnosis Software, Inc. Each sggrep command can specify both the main query and a subquery. These recipes bind XML data to handler code in Python. Introduction Readers of this column will have picked up the fact that while I write here about XML generally, I have a particular fondness for Python tools.

The criteria for inclusion are, first, whether a tool implements a technology or set of technologies strongly associated with XML; second, whether the tool does so in a way that is useful for any arbitrary XML file I may want to process.

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Let us create a complex command-line that does almost the same thing as the filtering utilities discussed above: It is a simple parser written entirely in Python with no validation support. The syntax is a little confusing to get a hold on, but basically it is a way of formulating expressions that are a combination of regular expressions and XPATHs.

However, for purely sequential processing, or for extracting a small subset of the information in an XML document, expat can edge ahead, since it need not save any representation of already processed or already skipped tags.

The output is identical; albeit the pyRXP version gets this output in 5 seconds instead of taking 25 seconds.

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While the underlying RXP GPL'd libary is almost certainly the fastest validating XML parser you can find, the actual parser code is quite under-documented, and comes with just one simple example of a command-line tool rxp.

The code is quite elegant. Furthermore, all of the capabilities exposed by the bundled utilities is also exposed to C programmers who want to use similar APIs. The public and system identifiers, systemId and publicId, are strings if given; if the public identifier is not given, publicId will be None.