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Because John s proportionate ownership of Tango has not changed as a result of the redemption, the redemption resembles a dividend.

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General Rule Any liquidating distributions that are not made to a retiring partner or deceased partners successor in interest fall within the general liquidating distribution rules of Code Sections to Management may believe that the corporation s stock is selling at a low price and that, to increase share value, the corporation should acquire some of this stock nonliquidating distribution partnership the nonliquidating distribution partnership market.

The amount of a distribution to a shareholder is the property s FMV on the distribution date. Any remaining outside basis is allocated under Step 4.

Proportionate nonliquidating distribution from partnership

The distributing corporation may or may not be required to recognize gain or loss when making the distribution. The redemption is substantially disproportionate.

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Shareholders may be compensated for services in the form of salary, bonus, or fringe benefits. The distributing corporation recognizes no gain or loss on cash distributions.


The holding period of property received generally includes the holding period of the partnership. Disproportionate distributions which affect the partner's share of ordinary income property of the partnership. Liquidating distributions of cash and other property that will eliminate a partner's interest in the hookups hookah lounge yelp reviews. Treated as distributive share of partnership income or guaranteed payment to partner Certain items if partnership is service-provider and retiring partner is a general partner: As a result, the issue frequently is litigated.

Liquidating distributions Nonliquidating distributions Depends on whether the partner remains a partner in the partnership after the distribution 3 Distributions From A Partnership slide 2 of 4 A liquidating distribution occurs when either: Whether a loan is bona fide ordinarily depends on the shareholder s intent when he or she makes the loan.

The imputed interest would be treated as a dividend to the shareholder, thereby resulting in no offsetting corporate level deduction. These types of distributions will be discussed in section B.

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Nondeductible expenses related to the production of tax-exempt income e. Neither the distribution amount nor the shareholder s basis in the property is immediately apparent.

The following sections set forth rules that address these issues.


When a corporation distributes property that has appreciated in value, the corporation must recognize gain as though the corporation had sold the property for its FMV. Beth s distribution is taxable as a dividend.

The amount of a distribution is the amount of money received plus the FMV of any nonmoney property received reduced by any liabilities assumed or acquired by the shareholder.

However, whenever a stock dividend changes or has the potential to change the shareholders proportionate interests in the distributing corporation, the distribution will be taxable.

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When a corporation distributes appreciated property, it must recognize gain as if it sold the property for its FMV immediately before the distribution.

For book purposes, the distributing corporation recognizes the difference between the property s FMV and its carrying value as a gain or loss. A shareholder cannot claim a loss if the stock rights expire. Was the distribution made in exchange for some of the shareholder s stock?

The shareholder s basis for any property received is its FMV. What basis does the shareholder take in any distributing corporation stock held after the redemption?

Corporate Nonliquidating Distributions

All other assets Basis is allocated to assets within a category based on adjusted basis to partnership 10 Proportionate Nonliquidating Distribution Examples slide 1 of 6 Bill's basis in partnership interest: A stock redemption may be desirable for the following reasons: If the distributed property is subject to a liability or the shareholder assumes a liability in the distribution, for the purpose of calculating gain, the property s FMV is deemed to be no less than the amount of the liability.

The statutory provisions which govern the treatment of partnership distributions are contained in Sections through of the Code. When a partnership distribution is in the form of cash, gain must be recognized by the distributee partner to the extent that the money received exceeds the partner's adjusted basis in the partnership interest at the time of the distribution.

Study Questions Make your selection by clicking the appropriate response letter. When a corporation makes a nonliquidating distribution to a shareholder, the shareholder must answer the following three questions: The corporation may not deduct any amount exceeding what it would have paid to an unrelated party in an arm s-length transaction.

Which of the following transactions will fall within the general liquidating distribution rules? Many cases, however, fall between the two extremes, and how the redemption should be treated is not immediately apparent.

As a result of the chronological allocation, a greater portion of distributions early in a tax year may be taxed as a dividend relative to distributions later in the year.