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Traditional carving implements included adzes, mauls, wedges, chisels, drills, and curved knives, all made of stone; sharkskin was used for sanding or polishing wooden items. Home Indigenous Peoples Northwest Coast Northwest Coast The aboriginal people of the northwest i am dating an older man with kids benefited from a benevolent environment which allowed them the leisure time to create the wonderful totem poles and other works of art northwest coast people fishing dating which they are so well known.

Then they were dried or smoked for winter. There northwest coast people fishing dating many bowls that have basic designs with animal features on the surface.

In Tsimshian carving and painting, there was an effort to leave no open space in or between the conventionalized motifs; filler elements such as eye designs and miniature figures were used intensively.

Firewood was stored below the platforms. Page 1 of 2.

Northwest Coast Presbytery

Religion and the performing arts The religions of the Northwest Coast shared several concepts that provided the widespread bases for various kinds of religious activity. Aquatic resources were especially bountiful and included herring, oil-rich candlefish eulachonsmelt, cod, halibut, mollusks, five species of salmonand gray whales.

Collectively, the dances constituted the major ceremonials of the Northwest Coast peoples; known as the spirit dancesthey were performed during the winter months. The Nuu-chah-nulth and some of their neighbours made vessels with curving cutwaters at the bow, vertical sterns, and angular flat bottoms.

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Displaying these hereditary crests and recounting the traditions of their acquisition formed an important part of potlatches. The sea also offered seals, shellfish, crabs and other fish like lingcod, halibut and herring.

West Coast Vancouver Island’s Premier Fishing Lodge Destination

Spirit dancing ceremonies are common gatherings during the winter for members of the community to show their spirit powers through song, or dance.

Wealth was not meant to be hidden and is publicly displayed through ceremony. Both women and men customarily wore some combination of necklaces, earrings, nose rings, bracelets, and anklets; these were made of various materials, mostly shells, copper, wood, and fur.

On being caught, these spirit-beings returned to their home beneath the sea, where they were reincarnated if their bones or offal were returned to the water. Often the pubescent daughter of a chief, for example, was secluded for many months, whereas her low-ranking house sister might have to observe only a few days of confinement.

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Their blankets bore representations of crests in blue, yellow, black, and white. Ties were especially strong within the same waterway or watershed. Persons of high status wore robes made of or edged with strips of sea otter fur and yarn made of the wool of mountain goats.

Among Coast Salish all success in life—whether in hunting, woodworking, accumulating wealth, military ventures, or magic—was bestowed by spirit-beings encountered in the vision quest. As the salmon teemed up the rivers to spawn back where they were born, they were easily harvested with harpoons, nets or traps.

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Other items made of wood included spoons and ladles, canoe bailers, trinket boxes, chamber pots, masks and rattles used in ceremonies, magnificent memorial or totem poles and interior house posts, housefronts and screens, halibut hooks, and even the triggers of animal traps.

Witchcraft was used to kill others or to make them ill and was believed to be carried out by malicious persons who knew secret rituals for that purpose see witchcraft: In the northern province, for example, a major potlatch was part of the cycle of mortuary observances after the death of a chief, at which his heir formally assumed chiefly status; in the Wakashan and Salish regions, a chief gave a potlatch before his own demise in order to bestow office on his successor.

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By May, Salmonberry sprouts would be eaten with salmon eggs. Haida argillite carving, c. The trunks of these trees could be split into planks or hollowed out into canoes, containers, and other useful objects.

The Chilkata Tlingit group, wove robes and basketry, applying various twilling techniques to fabric and basketry alike. Men would hunt deer and elk, while women gathered camas and clams from the prairies and beaches.

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For instance, from Tlingit country in the north to at least as far south as Puget Sound and perhaps farther, several house groups would typically pass the winter together at a site in a sheltered cove that was protected from winter winds.

Chiefly people often wore robes of sea otter fur, as otter pelts were quite valuable in the fur trade; the quality and level of decoration on clothing marked other statuses as well. These homes were constructed over a central pit, with low side walls of redwood planks and a three-pitch roof somewhat reminiscent of a pyramid.

People also went to sea to hunt marine mammals and to fish for offshore species such as halibut.

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In January, they would gather along the river banks to catch salmon. The eulachon - an oily smelt - provided valuable eulachon oil.


The managed grasslands not only provided game habitat, but vegetable sprouts, roots, bulbs, berries, and nuts were foraged from them as well as found wild. Technology and the visual arts The indigenous peoples of the Northwest Coast drew from the heavily wooded environment for much of their technology.

Regional tribes went in autumn to the Nisqually Flats Nisqually plains to harvest them. Hence, there were numerous specific prohibitions on acts believed to offend them and a number of observances designed to propitiate them, chief of which was the first-salmon ceremony.

Spirit powers define a communities success through leadership, warriordom, healing, or artistry. The same material could be shredded into finely divided flexible hanks, which were twined together to make a slip-on rain cape shaped like a truncated cone.

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Storage shelves above the platforms held baskets, tools, clothing, and other items. There existed no breaks throughout the south Coast Salish culture area and beyond. Memorial totem poles from different tribes stand in Stanley Park, Vancouver.

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In the spring other sorts of fish became available in tremendous schools: There existed no formal political institutions. In the Wakashan and northern provinces, it was believed that remote ancestors who had undertaken vision quests had been rewarded with totemic symbols or crests.