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Who would try and be cool?

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The only claim currently lodged with the court over alleged corrupt payments is from model Sarah Hannon, who featured in a Sun story about an alleged sex act on an airplane. Here was unreformed man at his most basic.

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It's a delicate ecosystem and it's time that people in the Assembly realised that. As director Shane Meadows comments on his leading man: Details of the settled cases have yet to be confirmed.

This from the same man who spent our first 10 minutes together telling me how much he'd like to lose Spike from his life. The problem he maintains was that in the aftermath of Notting Hill, Spike was all anyone wanted him to play.

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Ifans is addictive company. Again, despite a cast including Kathy Burke, Ricky Tomlinson and Robert Carlyle, it's Ifans who viewers will take to their hearts as he undertakes a blackly amusing rite of passage. I didn't know a body was capable of such a sharp incline.

We couldn't just go in and shoot and come out. He's eloquent and loquacious until asked anything personal. Also, a comment about seeing old friend Pandora's "box.

He mumbles and blushes when ordering it.

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As injustices go, it's hard to get too animated, so we move on to a subject that really makes him angry - his native Wales. Then again it could be the effect of sitting in a beer garden in 30 heat. There aren't many odysseys bill cunliffe shes married but flirting with me cinema for characters.

I got my first sense that there was somewhere outside my square mile.

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Welsh women aren't the most tactile unless they're your relatives. The 6ft 3in blond-haired, bilingual Welshman from Clwyd made an unlikely movie star, but there was no mistaking his luminosity.

He describes with a childlike sense of wonder the opening of Theatre Clwyd. It was a spaceship. The most modern building in our county.

His naive but happy existence is shattered by the arrival in town of Shirley's ex, a Glaswegian petty criminal played by Robert Carlyle on high smoulder.

How would my friends react? His career-launching role as Spike, Hugh Grant's hygienically challenged flatmate in Notting Hillmade him look positively beefy in comparison.

Rhys Ifans cast in one-man Occupy show at National Theatre

After 10 minutes of prodding, he reluctantly admits that the theatre did feel like a clique. Lead female character, an A-list actress, learns of a sex tape of her that has surfaced and is now fodder for the tabloids.

Stay up to date on new reviews. It's obvious that I'm sitting opposite a raggle-taggle mass of contradictions.

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Double entendre joke concerning "Pandora's box. US version track listing. A lot or a little? A date for trial of any remaining phone hacking claimants who do not settle with the newspaper group could now be heard inthe court heard.

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I don't know, I guess my silence is speaking volumes. So what are you frightened of? Quinn and the rest of her team had to write to thousands of people in the area, promising to donate to each person's favourite charity, resulting in charities receiving money.

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Tony and Bernie play " Blue Moon " on the piano at Tony's restaurant on the night it closes. It's my favourite city in the whole world. Like fellow Welsh thespian Richard Burton, Ifans is, I suspect, carrying a self-destruct gene that's competing for his attention.

If you want to buy a home there you have to have lived and worked there for five years. Through a health and safety act, the production received permission to film and constructed the scene in 24 hours.

Ifans sees the similarities: I nearly find myself in a sardine shower.

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Costello was then brought in by Richard Curtis to record a cover version of the song. I'm convinced Ifans can do more damage to himself than anyone else could hope to. William recommends this book to Anna, commenting that unlike another book in the store the author has at least been to Istanbul.

It's like Jesus in the wrong-sized sandals.

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His ex-co-star Hugh Grant, for example. Character wears a T-shirt that reads "Fancy a f--k?

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Notting Hill actor Rhys Ifans and presenter Cilla Black among fresh batch of celebrities to launch phone hacking claims against News International. Finally, according to Kenworthy, "we had to agree to destroy it.

Rhys and his actor brother Llyr, with whom he starred in the Cardiff-set comedy Twin Town, were brought up in a Welsh-speaking household in the village of Ruthin, Clwyd where his parents were primary-school teachers. It all sprang from there. He said that in commercial terms he had made the wrong decision, but did not regret it.

He's a very normal guy while being quite extraordinary.

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Pulp recorded new song "Born to Cry", which was released on the European version of the soundtrack album. Michell was worried "that Hugh and Julia were going to turn up on the first day of shooting on Portobello Road, and there would be gridlock and we would be surrounded by thousands of people and paparazzi photographers who would prevent us from shooting".

The marketing people cleverly identified him as the film's secret weapon. Luckily his latest role does. Arms waving about and nose sometimes just inches from mine he continues: A lot of my laughs don't happen until you cut back to Hugh. I want them to speak the language I speak but I love living in London.