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This may have been caused by the website going down in mid Later versions fix this, but the present version has a glitch where the rainbow and skulls are incorrect.

Run as telnet -t vtnt nyancat.

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The Lower Volume Easter Egg is present here too! The one difference is that obviously, since there are no Lovebots, their Retro counterpart, "Retrobots" don't exist yet. Fiesta Dog On old versions, such as this beta, the title says Fiesta Dog, but the gif image itself and url said "Tacodog" instead of "Fiesta".

Gameboy Boyne tannum hookupwave Not much has changed for this cat, except the fact that Little Kitty and Missingnyan are not seen in the video, which could mean that they are not present on this page yet.

Nyan Cat Games

If your connection is lost during a successful run, it's probably because I restarted the server. Sadly, the early version of the Nyan. New Years Day Nyan Cat The nyan cat on this page has not much changed, apart from the fact that it saysdue to it being that year at that time.

Nyaninja The Nyan Ninja has not much changed.

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Makes Nyan Cat black and glow red. Shoot me an email: The later versions featured the title having ellipses in it, and presently no title, has it has been long forgotten. Changes "Nyans" to "Noms" in gameplay VertigoKitty: There are no Lovebots; they didn't exist on that version Flavors are called "Skins" The "Pick a Flavor" bar is not present; it is still in beta stage.

Red glow is retained after reloading the game, black is not. The present version has stars going left instead of clouds.

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This cat hasn't been changed much though. Strike Force Heroes 4 is everything about kill or you will be killed. They can be purchased from the shop in exchange of the cash that you gain after completing mission or if you are a lucky person you can get one-of-a-kind and also extremely powerful tools dipping into the slots.


Type any of the following codes on the keyboard while in any of the game's front-end menus. References The Nyan Cat animation was originally made by prguitarman. Oh, and there is Catala too!

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The old Huy Hong era of Nyan. Everything, including music remain the same. However, despite being here, not much has been changed. The page was named as "starsheep" in the url though instead of just "star".

The many differences on this beta nyan. Wayback Machine has to be set to 20th April for it to work though.

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CHEATS can be turned on and off, and must be reactivated whenever the player returns to the main menu after a game-over though will stay activated if selecting Play Again from Game Over. It is possible that the reason why Grumpy Cat and Manyan Cat have no music presently is due to a programming glitch.

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Everything else here is the exact same as the current version. It took about an hour of work to set up the animation to run at the right size 80x24work on various terminals, and execute from a telnet connection.

Nyan Cat The Game Game

It was available inbut not later, as it got moved to and merged with nyan. Disables the HUD Leprechaunitis: To tell others about your nyan score, you had to click on either the Facebook button or the Twitter Button; There was no text to tell you that scores could be sent yet.

Makes Nyan Cat invert the color of whatever is behind it Posted by: Everything else remains the same as later versions. Some features were not even finished yet!

There is additionally another task: In some goals, you could absolutely depend on your soldiers.

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The page was named as "melonbird" in the url though instead of just "melon". If you are interested in hosting an official mirror, please let me known on Twitter.

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The differences here is that the animated sprite is a cartwheeling nyan cat instead of a scrambled and trippy one. Nyaning for seconds makes an option for Nyan cat Karaoke Mode appear.

Melon Bird Everything here is the same as later versions. It does not make use of ncurses or other terminal libraries, but rather writes raw ANSI escape sequences after being given a terminal type, which telnet passes as part of its handshake.

The application behind the telnet server was originall written for my toy OS. It has some forgotten nyans and there are cats that are no longer found on the website. Tac Nayn has the rainbow coming out of the face instead of the rear.