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Postshops Postshops do not process registration plate transactions, including cancellation transactions Vehicle Inspection New Zealand Independent agents who display the NZ Transport Agency logo.

Vehicle licensing (car registration)

See a full list of all the different RUC rates. Click on the Submit button How do I change the address for my driver licence?

Making the RUC system fairer The AA wants changes made to the RUC system so that diesel vehicles are contributing their fair share towards maintaining the roads and ensuring lighter diesel vehicles pay less in comparison to heavier vehicles, due to the difference in damage to the road that they do.

These charges go towards maintaining and improving the roading network.

Change ownership

You will also need to apply for a specialist vehicle road user charges RUC licence see below for more information. Heavier vehicles pay higher rates of RUC. Please note that applications to the NZ Transport Agency must be made through the permit portal.

You can also update the address for any vehicles that you have in your name.

Car Tax and Insurance

You can now ask your question related to this facility. When are permits required? Vehicles pay a set amount for every 1, kilometres travelled. RUC is charged according to how many kilometres a vehicle travels, and its type and weight. Permits are only able to be issued for route s that are suitable and safe for your vehicle and load.

Track Application Status Website: Petrol vehicles contribute towards these costs through an excise tax on petrol.

How to pay RUC

The easiest way to change your address is online external link. New Zealand Transport Agency Organization: Applying for a permit: There is no tax on diesel, which is why these vehicles need to pay RUC instead. Please go to the bottom of this page. New Zealand Transport Agency Facility: Driver Licence Number required Related: Further information Comprehensive information about all other aspects of RUC, including exemptions, types of licenses, distance recorders and assessments, is available on the NZ Transport Agency website.

To be eligible to apply for a specialist vehicle permit your vehicle must meet the following criteria: You should receive your driver licence in the mail within 21 days of your application being processed and approved.

Full electric cars are exempt from paying RUC until