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So you can avoid them and get to the good part faster. We got those spots sorted out really fast.

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This means that many live streaming newbies are grappling with some of the technical issues that come with it. If your are streaming low-motion content such as a seated person talking, you may be able to use a lower frame rate.

Getting the best settings for your stream is going to require some test streams. This happens via three tabs in the OBS Studio settings window: If you are suddenly dropping frames try out a lower bitrate and see if it helps.

This open-source application allows you to capture and stream live video from any Mac, Windows, or Linux computer.

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So let's go on the good part! Conclusion Choosing the right encoder settings can be confusing at first! The check boxes may be important, however.

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Setup a ballpark and increase: This may include your webcam microphone, your desktop audio output i. First, open the OBS Studio settings by clicking the Settings button in the bottom-right area of the application window.

This will make the troubleshooting way faster: Click Refresh Channel List, then select the channel you want to stream to. Many times the streamer has a better connection than the viewer and of source your aim is to make the stream enjoyable for the viewer. Trying to stream at obs streaming settings for bad internet dating If you don't have a i7 or equivalent for that.

OBS Studio has some great features for entry-level live streaming. Added also 3rd common mistake that could help out. Remember, higher resolutions need to be matched with higher bitrates to maintain video quality.

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Output The Output tab contains some important settings, including video and audio bitrate. Next, select your output resolution. This enables you to record the live stream to a local drive as you stream.

As with output resolution, higher FPS settings need to be matched with higher bitrates to maintain video quality.

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This should generally be set to 24 or 30 for most content, especially for sports or when there will be a lot of motion. For additional details you can always check: It's good to have a friend or a viewer watching your stream while you test these settings out. Here you can choose your language and select a light or dark theme.

With this information, go back to OBS Studio and enter these details into the text fields.

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Hotkeys and Advanced Settings For most users, these settings can be left at their default values. This guide is going to help you in this process so you can get to streaming faster! This way you can sort out the buffering issues faster.

In the first field, select your chosen bitrate and video resolution. Your stream will buffer and drop frames and the stream looks like a slideshow. More information about this at OBS Forums. Your stream may also be considered as a attack to Twitch servers when your bitrate is too high and stream could be shutdown.

Even if your internet speed allows it. It is good to first find the "lag and buffer free" spot first.

Let’s get started – With the Best OBS Settings

Starting out 30FPS is usually really good. With these recommended settings, getting started should be no problem. Audio In the audio tab, you can choose the audio sources you want to include in your stream.

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Since there isn't any "Best settings" that works for every case. The downscaling option can be left at its default setting.

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This way more people can watch your stream without buffering. Encoding - A guide that explains the basics of encoding. Stream Settings Estimator should give a pretty good estimate for you already.

Where you test and figure out solo or with a friend when the stream starts to buffer and you can still play games. Or your game starts to lag.

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If you want to check out the most current version you can check it out here. But we need certain things to help you out even faster. To learn more about our recommended bitrate settings for various resolutions, check out this previous article.

How I Livestream, Best OBS Setting for Slow Internet ! 720p Streaming Setup

Finally, skip down to the FPS frames per second setting. If you want to go higher than or test out the 60FPS. Output, Audio, and Video. But stick with it. I'll let you know some really common mistakes and suggestions that usually happens for everyone when starting out.

Your most likely not going to be able to stream and play well. People liked this so much that i decided to create an article about this on my blog. Starting out streamers don't usually get transcoders either so you won't get the benefit from streaming at higher bitrates.