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She did chuckle at the elderly, wheelchair-bound man getting electrocuted in Nick Fury: She also notes that the vampire-y looking fellow on the cover of Blood Red Moon is nowhere in the film.

Hack 's Reviewaverse Saga, complete with power-enhancing wrist device. Teamed up with The Film Renegado to review the Bloodthirst movies.

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Invited Maven of the Eventide on her Vampire Cop review for two seconds In Magic Islandshe notes that the "buccaneer" heroes basically have the same goal as the "pirate" villains; the only difference seems to be if they want the treasure to spend or just for the adventure of getting it.

I am nothing if not sad, creepy, and determined. Following his five-year absence, Neighbor Dan's name appears in an evidence room dedicated to " disappeared " victims of the Halliwells. In addition to Charmed frequently having Disney Death moments, she takes umbrage with the later seasons having anyone who isn't Shannen Dohertybeing easily able to come back as a ghost or a Whitelighter, rendering death itself practically meaningless within the show.

They teamed up again to review A Talking Cat!?! Stated as being the preferred method of fixing problems on Charmed, and directly calls Leo the show's favorite Deus Ex Machina.


Death Is a Slap on the Wrist: She mentions how the man on the cover of Vampire Assassin is not in the movie, nor is the scene depicted on the cover of 13 seconds.

I'm a British person Department of Redundancy Department: She says that the cover of Teen Sorcery, instead of making you think the movie will be better than it is, makes it look terrible in a different way.

First she speeds through the usual credits, then blares "Don't Stop Believin'" as the sisters lie bleeding, then finally plays the segue music from Clue before returning to the show.

After the hero of Gymkata accidentally kicks a random pedestrian in the face while swinging from a bar, she giggles and says " I have no words.

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They didn't bury it deep enough. If you listen, she does it again in Season Eight, when Phoebe's return to work is celebrated more than the Pope's coronation and the birth of Prince George combined.

Appears as a tokusatsu version of herself in Apollo Z. Several with Phelous, though they waited until Witchcraft 9 to do a proper tag team review.

Obscurus lupa phelous

Jill's Nancy Drew-style mystery plot is roundly mocked, especially when she takes her sugar daddy at his word when he says he hasn't murdered anyone, honest. In Season 7, the sisters go off-screen and inexplicably return with Prue's old ability to astral project from the days when each Charmed One possessed a single unique powerwhich Prue guarded so jealously, she never taught it to anyone while she was alive Presuming this means Dan was not merely Put on a Busbut butchered and buried somewhere off-screen, the same fate awaits each of the sisters' one-off boyfriends.

When acting as Radu from Subspecies in her "Radu Reviews" segments. Even has a catchphrase for it: Duped Oancitizen into reviewing Hamlet the Vampire Slayer. Case closed, Matlock music up and out. Allison sets aside her chronic hatred of the British for this crossover.

She's won Academy Awards and Oscars.

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Allison declares that nothing can top this plot twist, and immediately rolls credits. So the film wasn't a total loss. Reviewed the unintentionally horrifying children's movie Gooby with Iron Lizwith Iron Liz later roping her into reviewing She Creature with her as payback.

Grandma ghost can't stay in her coffin long enough for anyone to miss her! MikeJ popped by to help review Witchcraft 5.