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A para-umbilical hernia protrudes through one side of the umbilical ring, while the umbilicus still retains its fibrous character within the linea alba. The hernia is marked pre-operatively because it may reduce with anaesthesia and the defect may be too small to palpate.

They are hypothesized to brdjanin vekic dating from defective obliteration of the fetal processus vaginalis. The classic operative procedure is a Mayo repair, but repairs with mesh are performed increasingly.

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These areas of weakness lead to defects, which allow intra-abdominal structures to herniate beyond the normal boundaries of the abdominal wall. It is delimited by the rami of the ischium and pubis and, except in the area of the obturator canal, is covered by the obturator membrane.

Evidence-based management of groin hernia in primary care--a systematic review. Coronal section illustrating the obturator nerve, artery, and vein. As it exits the obturator canal, it divides into an anterior and a posterior division.

The obturator nerve originates from the anterior divisions of L2 to L4. Back To Top Muscle beach: Potentially predisposing factors include decreased fat in the obturator canal usually associated with weight lossa broad pelvis commonly found in females with a larger obturator canal, and progressive laxity of the pelvic floor frequently due to multiple pregnancies, increased intraabdominal pressure, poor nutrition, and advanced age.

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Ann Acad Med Singapore. Therefore, in many centers, assessment of hernias with MRI remains limited to special cases. Umbilical hernias in children rarely become irreducible or strangulate. The contents typically adhere to the sac so that the hernia becomes loculated and irreducible.

This book point is: Disadvantages include cost, increased imaging time, and the inability to image in real-time.

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Epigastric hernias are usually irreducible and may be multiple. It arises beneath the psoas muscle, crosses the pelvic brim to the area where the common iliac vessels divide into external and internal branches, and subsequently travels downward toward the obturator foramen. The sina que non on CT is visualization of the bowel entering obturator canal through the obturator foramen, which is inferior and lateral to the inguinal canal.

It provides sensory innervation for the intermediate part of the medial surface of the thigh and some innervation to the knee joint. Treatment Treatment of lumbar hernias is difficult because of their anatomical boundaries, their size, the type of patientnin whom they occur, and because they are bounded in part by muscle rather than tough aponeurotic tissue.

It represents the main nerve supply to the adductor compartment of the thigh and the obturator externus. Differential diagnosis includes a lipoma, lumbar abscess or haematoma.

Traumatic abdominal wall hernia: The lateral crescent sign and other key findings.

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From an embryologic point of view, since the foramen and membrane represent an area of incomplete bone formation, the obturator foramen is a lacuna while the obturator canal is the real lumen.

Normal appearance and complications in ultrasound and CT. The obturator foramen is the largest bony foramen in the human body. Abdominal wall musculature and associated hernias.

Imaging features, complications, and diagnostic pitfalls at multi—detector row CT. Detection of groin hernia with physical examination, ultrasound, and MRI compared with laparoscopic findings. A para-umbilical hernia in an adult is an acquired condition and quite distinct from the umbilical hernia of childhood.

Presentation and Diagnosis Although much less common than inguinal and femoral hernias Fig. Only gold members can continue reading.

The obturator area is delimited superiorly by the superior pubic ramus, inferiorly by the origin of the adductor magnus at the adductor tubercle of the femur, laterally by the hip joint and femur, and medially by the adductor and gracilis muscles, pubic arch, and perineum.

Laparotomy is performed and the entrapped segment of bowel is released.

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Updated literature review version. Incarceration or strangulation of tissues can occur with any type of hernia and often requires urgent surgical intervention. Differentiation of femoral versus inguinal hernia: Uncommon content in groin hernia sac.

A pantaloon hernia is an inguinal hernia with both a direct and indirect hernia occurring on the same side. However, I do disagree with some of this book arguments. Its anterior division innervates the gracilis and adductor longus. This book doesn't require you to be able to make a commitment to someone to start dating.

Patients may complain of diffuse pain in the groin together with pain in the medial side of the thigh and knee because of pressure on the obturator nerve. Its pelvic surface forms the lateral boundary of the ischioanal fossa. Its posterior division supplies the adductor brevis and anterior part of the adductor magnus.

In these instances, the hernia is located underneath the pectineus and in front of the external obturator muscles.