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They gave the books to the pupils. In Alice 12 to New York where she started her own film company. There are twelve months in a year.

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He wants to ask the artist. Even people experienced at watching the sky, 19 as pilots, report seeing UFOs. She brought sausages on Monday. For questions 21 to 40, mark the right variant. There are houses at the crossroads. He is sorry about it. The 18 "flying saucers" were seen in by an American pilot, but experts who studied his claim decided it had been a trick of the light.

It is such a short fork! A long time ago, there 9 many forests, but now there are only a You gave the cat to the girls. Scientists studying this phenomenon later discovered that in this case they were simply lights on boats out fishing. It is ready for breakfast. There is water in the glass.

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Some people 6 Scotland speak a different language called Gaelic. There is milk in the saucer. They showed the city in winter. She thinks about holidays. Questions 11 - There is a forest behind the hotel. There is a sweater under the jacket. There is a cafe between the church and the cinema.

The Atlantic Ocean is on the west and the North Sea on the east. In this section you must choose the word which best fits each space in the texts. It is such a spicy pepper! UFOs are popularly known as flying saucers, 16 that is often the 17 they are reported to be.

There is a post office in front of the station.

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He has already cut a watermelon. It is such an expensive thing! It is such a dark night!

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It is such a long spoon! For questions 16 to 20, mark the right variant. You think about the problem. UFOs - do they exist? We listen to the radio. I got a key yesterday.

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Scotland has many mountains; the highest one is called 'Ben Nevis'. This was a period of great change in the cinema and Alice was the first to use many new inventions, 11 sound and colour. He woke the boy in the morning. There is beef on the market.

In the south of Scotland, there are a lot of sheep. You broke the mirror last week. There is a TV-set on the left. We have already tried to answer. UFO is short for 'unidentified flying object'. They want to salt the salad. You want to take a shower. I want to come early. I am careful with the cup.

They have already heard the joke.

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You want to change the shoes. There are armchairs in the living room. We knew the people before January. There are 7 five million people in Scotland, and Edinburgh is 8 most famous city.

You have already taken a banana. They are sad about it. She wants to choose a dress. In this section you must choose the word which best fits each space in the text below.

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There is a clock on the right. She cried in the hall on Wednesday. It is such a sharp knife! She is glad about the chocolate.

It is such a cheap camera! In this section you must choose the word or phrase which best completes each sentence. She gave oil to her husband. For question 6 to 10, click the right variant. Scotland is only a small country, but it is quite beautiful.