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But it's more than that. Aside from this though, everything about this classic comedy works amazingly well.

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Until they start to realize how polarizing their preferences are, that's when things go bananas. Yet somehow the two boneheads manage to make it work, at first. The story follows two men divorced by their wives that find some level of compensation through each others' tendencies.

He gives the exact same kind of performance as he did when he was acting in "The Days of Wine and Roses," a hyper serious film about alcoholism.

What has changed in America, and American film, that this film from feels like a time capsule from a lost moment in America? Feeling awful about throwing Felix out, and not knowing where he has gone, Oscar assembles his poker buddies to search New York City for Felix in Murray's NYPD police car, which he's not supposed to use for this purpose.

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But the movie is a revelation. Hauser, the cinematography is adequate for the movie.

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Meatloaf is a classic Depression-era recipe intended to STRETCH a very small amount of ground meat - with fillers, bread crumbs, chopped veggies, beaten eggs, etc. There are no scenes where a woman puts the men down for not knowing how to take odd couple 1968 online dating of children or shows the men up as being blinded by lust.

Sure, Oscar Madison's apartment is one husqvarna 38vr throttle linkage hook up the more well known places to be featured in a movie, but it's just an apartment.

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On top of that: The whole thing is predicated on Oscar coming home "late" -- by about 30 minutes -- and Felix's meatloaf is "ruined". Murray's wife calls and tells him that Felix is missing. He also refuses to have any fun, spending most of his time thinking about Frances.

An expertly made film about boxers is better than a badly made film about a topic you may be interested in. As time has progressed though, the notion of marriages not lasting forever isn't as uncommon.

They speak of their marriages as if marriage were something important. It's hysterically funny to watch this poor schmuck wrestle with his petty obsessions and compulsions, oblivious to how he affects others.

The odd couple 1968

Felix complies, but leaves Oscar with a major-league guilt trip for having abandoned his still-in-need friend. Everyone has their idiosyncrasies that only suits them. There is one very sly, very funny reference to the f word in "The Odd Couple.

Oscar joins the sisters in their apartment, but winds up spending the night drinking tea and telling them all about Felix. The men are grownups. They meet and play poker.

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The camera lens is wide enough to take all of the den and then some. Plot[ edit ] Felix Ungar Jack Lemmon checks into a fleabag hotel near Times Square and attempts to kill himself by jumping out of the window, but he fails to open it and pulls a muscle in his back.

I've never completely got what is supposedly so funny about it, except some universal battle between sloppy folks and neat freaks. Oscar then suggests that Felix move in with him, since Oscar has lived alone since he split up with his own wife, Blanche, several months earlier.

They play failed men. For the film score, Neal Hefti brought the popular main theme to life. They wear white shirts and ties, slacks, belts, and shiny shoes.

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But there were so many moments that made me say, "Gosh, yes, that's what human relationships are like. But "The Odd Couple" was so well made that I fell in love with it. The problem is that it just doesn't have a real iconic setting.

Manhattan real estate has become more expensive, of course. In fact, we see it later as a flaming charcoal briquette People would protest that they didn't want to see it because they didn't want to see a film about boxers.

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Best known for putting the show on Broadway, Simon took it to the next step by writing a screenplay for the film. Yet the audience only gets a good view of that, the kitchen and the main hallway.

But of these two, the actor who steals the show was Matthau. Instead, Felix, who realizes that he is still too attached to his wife, refuses to go, opting to "scrub the pots and wash his hair" instead.

Felix is a neurotic, obsessive-compulsive nut, who runs around the apartment cleaning, picking up after Oscar, and berating him for being such a slob. Oscar and Felix apologize to each other, and realize that a bit of each has rubbed off on the other, with each being a better person for it.

I've never felt, while watching a Judd Apatow comedy, that I was gaining any insight into the human condition.