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We really pay attention to our client's needs as individuals and the needs of the neighborhood. Old Fourth Ward is a historic neighborhood in Atlanta. However, after the Great Atlanta fire ofBoulevard's grand houses were destroyed and replaced by brick apartment buildings.

Bedford Pine was officially absorbed into the Old Fourth Ward neighborhood, whose boundaries officially extend west to Piedmont Avenue. The Ward was home to the spectrum of races but also socioeconomic classes: What the neighborhood's looking for and we are booked up for about a year but we are always taking new artists and we'd love to put your art on the wall.

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Morris Brown was the first educational institution in Georgia for African-Americans. The road is lined with apartment buildings constructed after the Great Atlanta fire ofmost of which are now section 8 housing. Anyone who's art fits what the neighborhood can, what we're looking for.

It's great to meet the neighbors. As with most of Intown Atlantathe Old Fourth Ward declined precipitously during the s and s as wealthier residents moved further out from central neighborhoods.

In the s, slum housing gave way to massive urban renewal and the construction of large projects, such as the Atlanta Civic Centerthe Georgia Power headquarters, and public housing projects.

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This park encompasses 17 acres of new green space, a two-acre lake, playground, a state-of-the-art splash pad, an outdoor theater, athletic field and a world-class skate park.

The Historic Fourth Ward Park is the result of years of work among the community, local shinrog newgrounds dating owners, property owners, elected officials, city departments and the Atlanta BeltLine.

Boulevard became infamous throughout Atlanta and beyond as a haven of drug activity, prostitution, and other crime, a reputation that endured into the s, despite gentrification to the north, south, east and west of the street. It's usually based off client referrals. Located just east of downtown, in an area originally settled in the early s, Old Fourth Ward OFW — look for this sticker sported on the cars of proud residents!

Edgewood Avenue near Boulevard and " Church " bar What is now the Old Fourth Ward is a smaller version of the historic Fourth Ward political area in place until the s when the city changed to a district system.

What makes you so special? Old Fourth Ward Skate Park. And a bunch of people on new, recent tv shows come here to get their hair done before head shots, before filming. One big asset to the area has been the proximity to Freedom Parkway and the Atlanta BeltLinewhich has inspired growth and community investment.

Visitors can tour restored shotgun houses, Victorian homes and Craftsman bungalows in the neighborhood.

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It's one of the fastest growing neighborhoods in Atlanta and it's very diverse. Boulevard in particular witnessed a steady decline. Thanks for being here. And 5 years later here we are thriving more than ever.

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So how do you decide who gets to put their artwork on your wall? What makes the Fourth Ward such a special place to have a salon and to be in this neighborhood? You think you can do anything with the chia pet on top of my head? It is one of the oldest sections of the city, with the westernmost blocks developing soon after the Civil War.

Venture down Edgewood Avenue for bars and other hot spots — you may even find a hidden speakeasy. Um, Aaron has done Martha Stewart's hair and a few other people.

Streets, houses and businesses that sat upon the land that is now Freedom Parkway were also razed to make way for a freeway that was never built. And it's one of the oldest suburbs in Atlanta, as well. What was once a consistent and dense grid pattern of streets is now difficult to recognize, with Freedom Parkway occupying what had once been multiple city blocks.

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Well we do cater to a lot of the upcoming movie stars and upcoming actors and actresses. An example of this growth is the Historic Fourth Ward Park, dedicated in the spring of Demographics[ edit ] Total population of the Old Fourth Ward is 10, So, are there any famous clients that you can brag about?

The area, which remains majority black, has seen a huge influx of whites in recent decades. Where did the name Modello come from? This salon has such a unique signature that goes well with the energy here in the Old Fourth Ward.

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How did you guys come to be? Old Fourth Ward has emerged as one of the hippest neighborhoods in Atlanta in just a few short years. The neighborhood can be divided into three areas, with Freedom Parkway and Boulevard serving as dividing lines.

Northwest[ edit ] The area west of Boulevard and north of Freedom Parkway was once called Bedford Pine, and, prior to the s, it was a slum called Buttermilk Bottom. Thanks, so much, for your time.

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In recent years, OFW has continued to evolve and redefine itself. And we have local artists and we can display their art here and we sell their art and have art parties regularly.

There is a hidden speakeasy located in a pizzeria on Edgewood Avenue. Yelp and Google reviews rave about you guys here. Martin Luther King, Jr. Northeast[ edit ] The area north of Freedom Parkway and east of Boulevard is one of the city's most up-and-coming areas.

And we do what we can to contribute to events with gift certificates and we give free alcohol and we do great hair. Our owner Aaron actually has wanted to open a salon his whole life and about 5 years ago he scraped together a little bit and on a shoestring budget he opened up Salon Modello.

Boulevard[ edit ] Boulevard itself, in the s described as "one of the most desirable residence streets in the city," [2] has for decades been notorious citywide as a center of crime and drug activity, as well as the highest concentration of Section 8 housing in the Southeastern United States.

The exception is the area west of Boulevard and south of Freedom Parkway which, although historically part of Atlanta's Fourth Ward see Atlanta annexations and wardsis considered a separate recognized neighborhood called Sweet Auburn.

We really appreciate it Savannah.

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You have such an incredible four front presence in the old Fourth Ward. We have people of all different ages, all different types of people who want different things done to their hair. From the s onward, as Atlanta politicians moved to institutionalize racially segregated residential areas, Old Fourth Ward continued as a patchwork of whites living as close neighbors with blacks.