PHOTOS: Inside the Met Gala Afterparty PHOTOS: Inside the Met Gala Afterparty

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His sunglasses are enormous, the size of lab goggles. The industry is scathing about designers who pour their creative energies into their celebrity friendships and social media feeds, but Rousteing turns this on its head.

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He is in a black fedora, Keith Richards vibes, a sharp Balmain blazer with sleeves pushed up to the elbow. He is ridiculously good-looking. It means having a vision.

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Paul Farrell for the Guardian A gorgeous July day in Paris, the haute couture shows are in full swing and the Four Seasons hotel is in glamour lockdown. He is mixed race. And then here he is. The restaurant is mostly empty, the diners having spilled out into the courtyard for post-lunch cigarettes and espresso, so I sip a Diet Coke served with elaborate ceremony by a waitress in a cocktail dress, and wait.

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He is not always adored by the critics of which more later. His chunky black and gold Rolex is exactly the watch Tutankhamun would have worn, were he to be reincarnated in He posts endless selfies.

Inside, a chandelier the size of a meteorite twinkles above a vast expanse of black and white marble floor, the airy space punctuated by urns crowded with triffid-sized white gladioli, reed slender and supermodel height. Poreless skin, worked-out body, cheekbones for days.

Share via Email Olivier Rousteing, creative director of Balmain. Skinny jeans, biker boots, a black T-shirt faded to the perfect sultry charcoal. And while being good-looking has never been part of the job description for a traditional fashion designer, that is the point, because Rousteing is very much a non-traditional fashion designer.

He tells me the moment his creativity stepped up a notch was five years ago, when he moved from behind the scenes at Balmain to replace Christophe Decarnin as creative director.

A motorcade of buffed, black, presidential-scale cars lines the kerb outside its street entrance, currently occupied by two women in red-carpet hair and makeup who have paused at the exit for a prolonged session with a selfie stick.

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He loves the Kardashians.