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Kat's father allows her to go to Sarah Lawrence.

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Joey brags that he cannot guarantee she'll stay away from him. The tongue-and-cheek Shakespeare references were great the "Stratford" girls, etc. Tone is open to interpretation and these type of communications ultimately make people lazy. False photos, pretend careers, false personalities, pretend lives, forgotten marriages, forgotten children, and much more.

Bianca asks Cameron for a ride home after discovering Joeys true character. Even all the actors did a really great job. Kat distracts her father by revealing that Bianca was given a ride home from school by Joey Donner Andrew Keegan.

The next morning, Bianca thanks Kat for going to prom and the sisters make up. It leaves you with a happy bubbly feeling about teenage love.

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The only bad thing lacne pneumatiky online dating the occasional dirty jokes. Patrick agrees, but Kat, however, wants nothing to do with Patrick. Bianca tries to convince her father to let her go to the prom, but he refuses, since Kat isnt going.

He suggests they should do that some other time, hurting Kats feelings. You won't regret it!

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Cameron starts tutoring Bianca, and she informs him of her fathers rule after Cameron makes many failed attempts to ask her out.

Comedian Larry Miller is terrific as the girls' father, overprotective because their mother abandoned the family and because as an obstetrician he sees too many pregnant teenagers. It's based on "The Taming of the Shrew" and it has a lot of interesting twists.

One set of people ruins it for the others.

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However, she is suspicious of his motives and they get into a fight. An outcast and rumored to have sold his kidneys on the black market for a new set of speakers, also attends Padgua high, and is unsuspecting of what will happen soon in his future.

Kat Stradford Stiles is Bianca's sister. Against boys, dances, and anything having to do with prepiness and silly fun, she swears off dating and finds herself being accepted to Sarah Lawrence a college across the country in hopes to get away from her father and the city she lives in.

Continue reading Show less Is it any good? The acting is wonderful and in my opinion nothing in the movie would have worked as well, without the people who played their characters. Granted I'm just 15 years old, and also a huge fan of Shakespeare, but it was really a great film.

Joey subsequently confronts Cameron about manipulating the 'deal' for himself, but after he punches Cameron, Bianca hits Joey three times herself, leaving him curled up in pain on the floor with a broken nose and a black eye.

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How are drinking and smoking conveyed in the movie? Liar, liar, pants on fire. A lot of teen movies have very basic or cliched plots, but not this one.

Desperate and not knowing how to get her sister to 'date for her', ends up asking Cameron, her new French tutor, to help her with her predicament.

This news motivates Cameron and Michael to set out to find a boy who is willing to date Kat. I'm giving it a 10 to bring those ratings up!


Michael provides Cameron with information on the schools various cliques. But it is so funny, cleverly written, and not entirely true of American teenage culture, but pretty close.

Michael warns that Bianca is shallow, conceited, and worst of all, not allowed to date. When Baggage Reclaim did a Penis Parade in the old forum over a year ago, there were literally hundreds of penis shots submitted by women who had got them from their online dating escapades.

Cameron and Michael spread rumors around school that Bogie's party will have free beer and dancing, although it is actually a small private gathering. Cameron's sidekick Michael Krumholtz tells him, that Bianca is looking for someone to help her with French and Cameron decides that's how he'll ask her out on a date.

Cameron and Michael finally explain their situation to Patrick and inform him that Bogie Lowenstein Kyle Cease is throwing a party this is actually a plot by Michael to get revenge, as a rumor from Bogie had got him kicked out of their clique.

She was so cool and did such an excellent job in her role, that still to this day I consider her to be the coolest teen in any 'teen movie'. This is an adaptation of Shakespeare's "Taming of the Shrew" set in a Tacoma, Washington high school.