Earthquake magnitude hits Christchurch in New Zealand | Daily Mail Online Earthquake magnitude hits Christchurch in New Zealand | Daily Mail Online

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My thoughts are also with the emergency services and everyone who is assisting in the rescue efforts.

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Statistics New Zealand expects Christchurch's population growth rate to return to pre-earthquake levels. From furryyy by the way: Our graphics team has produce this Google map of Christchurch.

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This is the second earthquake in five months to hit the region, with a 7. Resident Stephen O'Dwyer said he was on the beach with his wife walking their dog when the cliff in Sumner started to collapse.

Buildings and roads across the Christchurch region, which had been weakened by the September event and its aftershocks, were severely damaged or destroyed in the February event.

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In contrast to the main shock, this aftershock was generated by oblique thrust faulting where one side of the fault is thrust upward over the other along a different, undiscovered fault. There has been a lot of damage and I guess people are attending to that before they come and get us.

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This is eerie CCTV footage from the basement of a store hit by the September quake and not the latest one.

The quake sent large 10 weirdest subreddits dating of dust billowing over the suburb. But national attention in the next few weeks and months will have to focus on rebuilding rather than rugby.

Most important is the distance of the epicentre from populated areas.

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Christchurch Hospital was partly evacuated due to damage in some areas, [42] but remained open throughout to treat the injured. You design the building to be strong enough to survive the earthquake.

New Zealand cliffs collapse in Christchurch earthquake - BBC News

Statistics New Zealand's main urban area definition for Christchurch includes Kaiapoiwhich belongs to Waimakariri District, and Prebbletonwhich belongs to Selwyn District. Rescue workers blocking access to a collapsed building in central Christchurch, New Zealand, after the earthquake that struck February 22, At least people remain trapped in the ruins of Christchurch tonight following a devastating earthquake which claimed at least 65 lives.

Wish that I lived closer so I could give a hand, or lend my place to stay at, or anything. Hundreds of buildings in the central business district and some 10, dwellings were deemed to be unsalvageable, and it was expected that they would have to be demolished.

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The severest aftershock occurred at He did not know if people on other floors were trapped. They're now sheltered from the weather it's 10 degrees celsius and raininghad some water to drink, and eaten a hot meal. As a kiwi you spend your life preparing for something like this - we did earthquake drills at school - yet nobody could expect something of this magnitude to hit so devastatingly.

It was caused by right-lateral movement along a previously unknown regional strike-slip fault in the western section of the Canterbury Plains.

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As far as I understand, the earthquake today was shallower and closer to Christchurch in comparison to the September earthquake. Canterbury police district commander superintendent Dave Cliff says the scene is grim, but over people have been freed so far.

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Radio New Zealand is reporting that people trapped in buildings have been sending text messages. House foundations cracked and buckled, wrecking many homes. Water was coming up under the sand and people were sinking down to the ankles as the ground went soft.

The earthquake struck at lunchtime, when many people were on the city streets.

Earthquake magnitude 0 hits Christchurch in New Zealand

It shook for about 20 seconds," he told the BBC. Justin McCurry, the Guardian's correspondent in Tokyo, has sent this update on the Japanese students caught up in the quake. It was deemed unstable and demolished in April Indeed, it was believed that by the time of the June 13 aftershocks, some 50, former residents of Christchurch had already moved permanently to other places in New Zealand or to Australia.

Thanks to andfeax for pointing that out. The earthquake has had effects elsewhere in New Zealand as the Associated Press reports.