Tipping the Scales of Political Power in Iraq Tipping the Scales of Political Power in Iraq

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Iran, however, is confident that its deep ties to the al-Hakim family will continue to serve its interests in Iraq, even if National Wisdom and its leader try to downplay their connections with Tehran. Between now and then, Iraqi parties across the political, ethnic and sectarian spectrum will try to strike a balance between satisfying nationalist voters and satisfying the foreign backers they depend on for support.

Try to make the most of the experience and learn from it. The division between these two brands of Islam go back almost to the beginning of the religion itself, and in Iraq has played out over time in a way vital to an understand of the make-up of the modern country.

An alliance of candidates linked to Iraq's powerful Shiite paramilitary groups was in second.

Shiite cleric Sadr takes lead in Iraq parliamentary election - France 24

Iraqi politicians, meanwhile, will form new coalitions across party and sectarian lines in an effort to maximize their appeal to voters ahead of the legislative and provincial elections.

Obeidi said the number of pilgrims was so high the country's top brass had to revise its security plan and open new access routes to Karbala, a medium-sized city about 70 kilometres 45 miles south of the capital Baghdad.

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Do you have more questions about EliteSingles? During the s, '60s, and '70s, Shiites gained more power as members of the secular parties then in vogue, but when Saddam Hussein, an ethnic Sunni, took over the country inSunni dominance was once again established.

The alliance is headed by Hadi al-Amiri, a former minister of transport with close ties to Iran who became a senior commander of paramilitary fighters in the fight against the Islamic State extremist group.

As it stands, the Shiites have enough electoral clout to overcome challenges from Kurdish and Sunni Arab parties in parliament.

Iraqi News - 8 killed in Baghdad bombing during amnesty declaration for tribes - ONLINE DAILYS

A psychologist's perspective - Learn more about Salama Marine 5. Iraq's Ancient Sectarian Wars InIraq was the site of a major battle at Karbala, which was a critical point at which the cleavage between the Sunnis and the Shiites deepened.

The new coalition is meant to give Iraqi Sunnis a fresh start since an attempted conference to discuss their future, and that of their country, fell through — partly because of controversy over the Sunni parties' foreign backers.

Rashed is also a commander in the Badr organisation, which also holds the interior ministry in Iraq's new government and whose military wing is one of the largest Shiite militias in the country.

The Shiite & Sunni Cultures in Iraq

As a result, our extensive personality test contains over questions in order to create a comprehensive and accurate profile of you. Most of the men now defending Jurf al-Sakhr, a sprawling area of farmland and palm groves nestled along the Euphrates, are from Shiite militias who fought alongside the army and with Iranian assistance, to recapture the strategic site.

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Since the first elections following the U. The younger al-Sadr campaigned on a cross-sectarian platform of fighting corruption and investing in services and struck a surprising alliance with the Communist Party in the capital.

Arbaeen, which marks the end of the day period of mourning after the anniversary of Imam Hussein's death, is considered one of the largest religious gatherings in the world. Find something in their profile you both share and talk about that.

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Shiite cleric Sadr takes lead in Iraq parliamentary election

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Hussein, the son of Ali, led an insurgency against the Sunni caliph. To that end, Iraq's major Shiite parties will try to downplay their ties to Iran and promote anti-corruption measures.

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Iraq says record 17 million Shiite pilgrims in Karbala

Should al-Abadi strike out on his own in the next elections, the defection will be a clear attempt to distance himself from al-Maliki and the Iranian influence he represents. His forces were defeated by the vastly superior Sunni army at Karbala. Today, Sunnis and Shiites live in distrust of one another, unsure of what the future holds.

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The Arbaeen commemoration is on Saturday December 13, but millions of Shiite faithful have been walking to Karbala from all over Iraq, and large numbers from across the Iranian border, for days.