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That quintessential balance created by clustering letters, numbers, and graphics has come to rely on some convenient abbreviating that leaves wordsmiths wriggling with pangs.

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This interactive essay features teens voices as online dating trends describe their experience navigating dating in the digital age. There's a thirst for nostalgia and this hearkening to past decades. Take this gorgeous site Heco Partners built for the agency Black Sheep.

Grid-based logos Grid-based logos are all about perfection, imposing order alongside creativity.

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Make the year you release your creativity! Very expressive logos are making a comeback, which is a direct result of nostalgia or reboots. In years past, white space was common with the use of imagery.

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Each photo on the site acts normally until you scroll past them, at which point they rapidly ascend, faster than your scroll rate. The logos featured here are on the outer-edge, influencing the next big thing.

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Being there helps to create more customers for our website, too. This is an analog gradient that's fresh and vibrant to a new generation of eyes with a hint of retro for a kicker.

Simplicity No doubt, this long-term trend will hold its position in Dropping a field of color onto a mark that could easily be solid black, blue, or purple.

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Logo design by Ameernagdy 4. It's easy to get a little snobby about trends in creative disciplines. Via Ginventory Are you ready for design in ? Paying attention to the details can really take your designs to the next level. Secondly, these logos look much better and well-thought than those that contain a rivet of colors inside.

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Designers will be opting for artistic effects, extra-large font sizes and huge headlines. Logo Design Tips and Tricks Share: This means you can seamlessly apply your logo to a number of different mediums.

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Via Spotify Spotify has been credited with their return to mainstream design by using duotone images in their app and promotional microsites. Which is not too dissimilar from the movies only generating sequels and remakes. Via Nicolas Girard When it comes to larger animations, GIFs and SVGs are valuable tools for communicating ideas, concepts and processes while making content more engaging for users.

Letter stacking Spice up a textual based logo by playing around with the spacing.

Text & Typography Experiments in Logo Design

Via Slack Serif fonts help set the tone for this epic project. The fibonacci spiral of the logo is reminiscent of a spiral staircase, a feature that figures in various designs by the company and suggests luxurious style.

When everyone moves to this level of simplicity, designers counter it with some embellishment. Logo design by Milos Zdrale Logo design by Marija 5. Blurple Is it blue or is it purple? An example of material design.

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Which brings us to our next point. You may find this simple approach works to your advantage.

6 Logo Design Trends 2018 to Keep Your Logo Up-to-Date

It's not uncommon to see these marks used to represent entities with a vibe, or culture that feels comfortable with a reference to the past but with a spin that defines the next generation at a glance. This logo trend will turn your design into a metaphor.

For more information, visit our join page. Color expectations have also changed dramatically.

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The condensed format is ideal for companies that have longer names.