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Her vampire senses reveal to her that the bullet is new and she is worried. The film plots along and leaves you feeling like there should be something happening. When you first hear "Only lovers left alive" you should expect a romantic movie.

As she saw to keep those lovers "alive" immortally instead of leaving them sucked and dead. I think he believes so much in co-living. Was the Author influenced by the modern wave of co-living and accepting every "other"?

Eve takes Adam's ready cash and leaves him with the promise of a gift. His reclusive nature adds to his mystique as a musician and composer; he is upset when some intrepid fans turn up on his doorstep.

It's a quiet, slow and obscure movie with an excellent photograph AND a great cast. Rather than feeding on humans, they are like addicts, dependent on local suppliers of the "good stuff" because they fear exposure in the 21st century, as well as contamination from blood poisoned by the degradation of the modern environment.

Watson " for flirtear en la escuela que coveted O negativewhile Eve relies on their old friend Christopher Marlowewho faked his death in and now lives under the protection of a local man.

I felt slightly bored at times which was only saved by the acting and the harmony between Tilda and Tom. His desire to reconnect through his music is at odds with the only lovers left alive mia wasikowska dating of recognition as well as his contempt for the corrupt and foolish humans he refers to as 'zombies'.

Adam visits a local blood bank in the dead of night, masquerading as " Dr. As if it's building up to something and then, nothing.

Eve reappears with a beautiful oud and as they sit together outdoors and contemplate their likely demise, they spot a pair of young lovers kissing.

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Ava offers Ian a hit off the flask she secretly filled with blood and brought to the club but Adam snatches it from her with supernatural speed and insists they leave. Their idyll is shattered by the arrival of Eve's younger sister, Ava, from Los Angeles.

There are some concepts taken up that lead nowhere, i. Faust ", paying " Dr.

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You can't flaw the actors for trying to make the best of what I'd consider a bit of a flat plot and script. This film could have been so much more. After influencing the careers of countless famous musicians and scientists, Adam has become withdrawn and suicidal.

I can tell so by looking to the way he presented vampires as some nice and highly cultured people.

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Ian promises to discreetly spread rumours about Adam living elsewhere to draw them away. Ian's murder and the appearance of another group of Adam's fans at the house, compel the couple hastily to return to Tangier with only what they can carry onto the plane. Soon after she arrives, Adam goes out for more blood and she discovers his revolver hidden under the bed with the wooden bullet.

First of all I loved the images, the music and the acting.

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After they discuss how Marlowe secretly wrote most of Shakespeare 's plays, Marlowe dies. I think he really was. Adam and Eve dispose of Ian's corpse in an acid pool in an abandoned factory.

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Adam sits holding a lutein his cluttered Detroit Victorianas Eve wakes up in her bedroom in Tangiersurrounded by books. At last"Only Lovers Left Alive". Also the word "vampire" has never been said all the movie time!! He pays Ian, a naive young music fan, to procure vintage guitars and other assorted curiosities, including a custom-made wooden bullet with a brass casing he thinks of using to kill himself.

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He -the author- also seemed to find the unique solution for the thing that caused the WHOLE concept of "vampire" which is "blood necessity". Desperately hungry, they visit Marlowe and learn that their old friend and mentor has been poisoned by accidentally drinking contaminated blood.

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They spend their nights cruising the empty streets of Detroit, listening to music and playing chess. Plot[ edit ] Married for centuries and now living half a world apart, two vampires wake as the sun goes down.

The whole movie you won't see that famous sucked corpse that fills every vampire movie, except for one time -I mean Ian's body- but even that action was treated as an unaccepted sudden behavior that came from a teenage vampire who also has been kicked out for doing such thing.

Having acquired much scientific knowledge over the years, Adam has built contraptions to power his home and a vintage sports car with technology originally pioneered by Nikola Tesla.

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I love to think so though it's not right. When Eve phones, she recognises Adam is despondent and decides to come to Detroit to comfort him. He is captivated by the music from a nearby club, where Lebanese singer Yasmine is finishing a haunting song.

Before dawn, Ava kills Ian by drinking too much of his blood and Adam kicks her out of the house. Ava gorges herself on their stash of the "good stuff" and hungry for excitement, persuades them to go out to a local club with Ian, where they hear Adam's music playing by the band White Hills.

Eve confronts Adam when he returns, chiding him for wasting the life and opportunities he has to enjoy and appreciate the good things in the world, as well as their relationship.

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He spends his days recording his compositions on outdated studio equipment and lamenting the state of the modern world, whilst collecting vintage instruments. The script it's not the greatest thing, it's very contemporary, empty and slow especially in the beggining, the best parts are between the lines, the sutil things like the brilliant playings actings united to a wonderful and pretty photograph and an excellent soundtrack.

And frankly, there's no action at all. The dialogues are mediocre and seemingly lead nowhere.