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Historical Context of The Life of Lazarillo de Tormes Lazarillo de Tormes was written during the Spanish Inquisition, a time when the rulers of Spain took extreme measures to enforce the sovereignty of the Catholic Church.

This initiative resulted in several centuries of violent and systematic suppression of religious minorities such as Jews, Muslims, and Protestants who had established sizeable populations throughout Spain.

La vida del Lazarillo de Tormes

It's the story chicago sugar daddy dating app a put-upon boy, mothered by a whore, who is sent off into the world to find a master to work for and earn his keep from.

But don't worry—Lazaro finds ways equally cruel and ingenious of getting back at the old bastard. I hear it really honks those blindies off. Anyway, Lazaro goes through a series of different masters, almost all of them either cruel or stupid or both.

I'm admittedly frugal with my outwardly expressed laughter—unlike the normative social behavior these days wherein giggling becomes a nervous tic to punctuate every banal and unfunny comment.

El sentido del Lazarillo de Tormes. (Book, ) []

I literally laughed aloud several times—not that I would ever use that pernicious LOL as a matter of course because of how every dingbat on the planet is LOLing at everything nowadays: Many of those who converted did so to save their lives but continued to practice their faith in secrecy.

Maybe we want life to be funny so we laugh at it whether it is or not. The funniest segment involves a miserly priest who only feeds Lazaro onions, keeping the bread and the good food locked away in chest for himself. Novels written as letters are referred to as epistolary novels.

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Lazarillo de Tormes is also notable because it was one of the first works of its kind to experiment with innovations in form, such as structuring the narrative as though it were a letter written in the first person.

Not funny in an unfunny Geico commercial, Modern Family, or Jimmy Fallon kind of way, but funny in an honest-to-goshness 'Oh, my fucking god, did I just chortle? The Life of Lazarillo de Tormes by the clever and mischievous Spanish author Anonymous is actually really funny!

In the modern era, Lazaro could just refrain from alt-tagging his pictures. But you know what?

Lazarillo de Tormes Questions and Answers

The first master is an extremely mean-spirited blind man. What I'm claiming, somewhat facetiously, is that mindless and incessant giggling is the preoccupation most commonly of morons and manchildren who devalue the currency of laughter with their spendthrift ways.

Brief Biography of Anonymous Nothing is known about the author who penned this short novel. Did you digest that?

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We inflict an impoverished semblance of humor upon the world. This slim book only pages in the NYRB edition was written in Or maybe more accurately, when everything is funny, you're probably a total nutjob and should be stashed away in a cozy booby hatch somewhere.

Now that's fuckin' old school. And if we don't happen to mirror the laughter of our neighbors when they read one of those dumb jokey chain emails or recount a gag they found positively uproarious in Wild Hogs, then we're convicted of sourpussery rather than credited with possessing a refined or discriminating sense of humor.

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When everything is funny, then nothing is. The book was banned by the Office of the Inquisition when it was published. Within the church there was an atmosphere of fear, intolerance, and cynicism that gave rise to the forms of hypocrisy that Lazarillo de Tormes satires so sharply.

Before William Shakespeare was even born! At the end, we're not quite sure whether Lazaro's trickery might not have actually inflicted a mortal injury on the sighltess creep.

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This portrait of religious hypocrisy will give you an idea why this novella had to be published by 'Anonymous. Under the Spanish Inquisition, non-Catholics were forced to convert or were expelled from the country, though often those who refused to convert were killed or burned at the stake.

An interactive data visualization of The Life of Lazarillo de Tormes's plot and themes. And since everyone around Goodreads knows that I apparently hate blind people's guts, this was a particularly amusing segment for me.