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Oscar Speeches: 7 Academy-Award Winning Divorcés Who Forgot To Thank Their Spouses

In her Oscar acceptance speech, Witherspoon thanked her "wonderful husband," actor Ryan Phillippe. She received four Emmys for her performance. The affair led to a nasty, public divorce, all the while the couple had been in the process of adopting a baby.

Let's talk about their divorce.

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Monster, Charlize and her long-term boyfriend, Stuart Townsend were best friends and lovers but never got married. Studies have demonstrated that breaching this social norm within a marriage—for example, when a wife earns more than her husband—can strain the relationship," says Tiziana Casciaro, an assistant professor of organizational behavior at the Rotman School, who co-authored the study with Colleen Stuart, a post-doctoral fellow at Carnegie Mellon University, and Sue Moon, a PhD student at the Rotman School.

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He has two sons from a previous relationship, and the couple just adopted a baby girl in October. We got to keep this together, strong, you know?

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The couple divorced in February They concluded that 60 percent of Best Actress winners got divorced after going home with Oscar. Actress for Howards End Emmys: Actor for Charly Emmys: The news of their divorce was under the radar until they finally got divorced.

Men don't want to hold purses. A post shared by Cuba Gooding Jr cubagoodingjr on Jan 9, at Actress for The Trip to Bountiful Emmys: Crawford was so terrified of losing the Oscar that night, that she claimed she was ill with the flu and needed to go to the hospital. Three years later, Witherspoon tied the knot with Hollywood agent Jim Toth.

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From this model, they concluded that Oscar winners and nominees actually appear in more films following their Oscar wins than do other actors.

The fun never stops. She studied at The Miami Valley School. At the end of her Oscar acceptance speech, Hunt turned to her then-boyfriend, actor Hank Azaria, and said, "and you, just the best man that I know.

Supporting Actress for Key Largo Emmys: Bullock mentioned her husband, "Monster Garage" host Jesse Jamesin her Oscar acceptance speech, saying, "I love you so much, and you're really hot.

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He kissed the gorgeous lady on the cheek when she smiled in front of the camera. Let's get details about her recent success along with her less known dating life in today's session.

SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE: Twice-divorced actress dates Oscar-winning screen-writer Peter Morgan

They vowed not to marry until same-sex couples were given the same rights. Men want to also be vibrant.

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When Swank won her first one, she infamously forgot to thank her husband, Chad Lowe. To make you even clear about the divorce here's a video from Peoples. It shows that he loves kids. In her Oscar acceptance speech, Winslet thanked her "wonderful husband and two beautiful children who let me do what I love and who love me just the way that I am.

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New Atlas Team January 30th, A university study has concluded that Oscar winners in the Best Actress category are at a higher risk of divorce than nominees who do not win. The couple first met at Witherspoon's 21st birthday inand later worked together on the film "Cruel Intentions," which included a steamy sex scene between bad-boy Sebastian, played by Phillippe, and the virginal Annette, played by Witherspoon.

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They have been involved since