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Now, more than 30 years on, the tables have turned; the Germans are leading the laughs and audiences are flocking to see them. Opekta was a business run from to by Anne Frank's father Otto Frank, which distributed a pectin-based gelling preparation, to be used in jam making.

What did Otto Lilienthal discover? Otto Hahn was a German chemist who won a Nobel Prize for his workand the discovery of nuclear fission. Otto Frank was Anne Franks Father who stayed in the secret annex for two years.

What company did Otto Frank run? She and her family were in hiding for more than two year before they were captured and sent to the Concentration Camps. Where did Otto Frank live after the war?

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Who was Otto von Bismark? He was a German artist, probably most well-known for his illustrations for The Brothers Grimm in the early 20th century. Who was otto Frank? Over the past five years, the usual influx of stand-ups from North America, Australia and the UK has been accompanied by more comedians from Europe, notably from Scandinavia and the Netherlands as well as Germany, observed the arts editor.

He has one word for the reason for the new comedy phenomenon: Henning Wehn and Otto Kuhnle prove Germans can poke fun at themselves The term Germany comedy was once an oxymoron, laughed off in the English-speaking otto kuhnle und die toy boys dating as a little joke in itself.

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In which country was otto Wilhelm hermann von abich born in? John Cleese's infamous character Basil Fawlty screamed, "Don't mention the war! A shift in attitudes As to the popularity of the German acts, cabaret host Chappel believes it has been down to something of a re-introduction of Germany to Britain.

I am almost certain he is not, for Anne was fifteen quite a long time ago, but he lived through the concentration oral b toothpaste online dating and he was the one to publish Anne's diary.

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Otto Kuhnle was born in What did otto hahn do? He was the father ofAnne Frank and he had her diary published.

Otto Frank was a Jewish-German businessman. But a new generation of German comedians is busting the stereotypes - with success.

Germans can actually be funny, claims the 'comedy ambassador'

Who was Otto Ubbelohde? A glimpse at this year's line-up for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the world's largest arts festival held annually in Scotland, highlights the fact that the Germans are coming.

He engineered a series of warsthat effectively unified the German states, excluded Austria andbuilt a powerful German empire under Prussian leadership. Who was Otto of Saxony? He knew that one day, he would be found and that his life would twist and turn into a spiral of addictions.

Otto Frank is Anne Frank's father.

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But over the past few years, a change has taken place. Otto Lilienthal was an engineer who earned some patents over his life and owned a company for boilers and similar, but he is mostly remembered for his gliders and contributions to aviation: Das Very Best of German Humour.

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Otto Frank would have been 91 years old at the time of death or years old today. How old is Otto Frank? Look up his name under urban legends or as 'lyrics' and you'll get the idea.

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At least that's how the cliche goes. It is a personal journey - realizing how German I really am. You don't need the preposition "in" dangling at the end of your sentence; you already had "in" at the beginning where it belongs. A brave new German generation has taken up the gauntlet of poking fun at the stereotype of their countrymen - that of the serious, humorless German.


He fell 50 feet and died from a shattered spine. There is even one act pretending to be from Bavaria - Ze Hoff Und Me - which reveals the kudos of the fast-emerging genre. It traded from the building in which they hid from persecution during the Nazi Occupation of the Netherlands.

When did Otto titzling die? He died August 10,a day after his glider stalled when testing a new design, after a heat eddy threw him off balance and he failed to recover.

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Otto Frank was born on May 12, and died on August 19, He later died from a heroin overdose. Also known as Otto the Great, Duke of Saxony.

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Anne Frank was a 13 year old girl living during the time of the Holocaust. It highlighted the absurdity of the stereotypes heaped on the Germans in a way never seen before on television.

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Thirty years later, the comedy section of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe brochure is full of German comics. Is otto frank alive? He also compiled a large amount of data used by the Wright brothers, who were largely inspired by his work. Culture Germans are good for a laugh Everyone knows Germans are stuffy and serious.

He was also a pioneer in thefields of radiochemistry and radioactivity.

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And for comics such as Henning Wehn and Christian Schulte-Loh it seems to be working, as their popularity rockets. Otto Titzling wasn't a real person, so couldn't have died. In the meantime, their performance in Edinburgh will bin in English. Wartke and Claassen also like to make Germans laugh As the arts editor at Scottish daily newspaper The Herald for the past 17 years, Keith Bruce has witnessed an increasing number of German comedians at the Fringe in recent years.

Look up his name under urban legends or as 'lyrics' and you'll get the idea. Otto Von Bismarck was a conservative Prussian statesman whoseactions impacted much of Europe.