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Back at the cave, Grizzly and Ice Bear figure out Panda tricked them. The episode ends with the group having a bear hug, Grizzly commenting on how Panda probably never panda boy untrue dating a chance anyway.

The employee tells him it contains peanuts, cashews, walnuts, panda boy untrue dating macadamia nuts. Panda finds a final hiding place under a large table, where the others won't find them. Panda and Lucy then place their order. Lucy asks if they should visit and Panda hastily exclaims no, leading Lucy to their table.

Panda proceeds to stuff himself with Lucy's order, not knowing it's hers.

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When Lucy signals Panda to join them, he ends up rolling down the opposite side and landing in a thorn bush. Grizzly hands him to Ice Bear and proceeds to thank Lucy for "saving his little baby. The segment ends with Lucy dropping off the Bears at their cave.

Panda realizes the others got in and tells Lucy they should move their table to a corner behind some potted plants. Panda's peanut allergy kicks in and he collapses, much to the surprise of those around him.

They are then shoved into the dining area, instructed to serve food to various people. The other bears and Lucy then take a selfie without Panda. After, the other bears and Lucy roll down a hill. Finally, the other bears and Lucy are chasing each other around large stones.

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Ice Bear dumps more water on his head. Panda ends up sitting next to Ice Bear and Grizzly in the truck instead of Lucy. Before she drives off, Lucy invites the Bears to dinner and they accept.

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He then continues to get samples with Ice Bear. Panda ends up sitting alone while Lucy sits next to Grizzly. Before he can do so, Lucythe owner of Lucy's Producehurries to Panda and gives him a shot with an EpiPen, effectively saving him.

An employee from the Nut Shack then presses Panda to try a free sample of a cookie. He tells Lucy to look deep into her menu, saying "it's best to fully immerse yourself in your menu.

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Next, Panda tries to get in a swan boat with Lucy but the Bears jump on instead and sink it. Panda smiles at this, and proceeds to confess his love for Lucy.

Panda gets an idea and locks the other bears in a closet in the guise of playing a game.

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She accepts and leaves to go pack her stall, saying she'll be back in a moment. Panda asks about Lucy, and Grizzly says that she visited earlier but had to leave.

The waiter arrives at Panda and Lucy's table for their orders. Grizzly and Ice Bear are there and inform him how he went wild and was "flopping all over, flipping the table," and sent food flying everywhere.


At the lake, Lucy throws a big rock into the water and the Bears applaud. They then head to the restaurant. He responds by ironically saying he doesn't know what he's talking about. Ice Bear drops Panda and walks with Grizzly to go see if the Nut Shack is still giving out free samples.

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The other bears lift the rock with ease, making Panda jealous. At the restaurant, Panda meets Lucy and lies to her about his brothers' disappearance. Panda thinks this will be the perfect opportunity to get to know Lucy. Panda initially declines, saying that he's full, but eventually agrees and tries the cookie.

Lucy begins to question Panda's strange behavior. Lucy complains to him about being dragged around the restaurant and says she just wants to leave.

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However, she did leave Panda's food on a bedside table for him to eat when he woke up. Grizzly says he had no idea, and Ice Bear says he would've been less charming had they known. Panda awakens in the hospital, unsure of what happened. After that, they go on a carousel.

Panda objects and the waiter soon arrives with their food.

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He then leaves to go on the date with Lucy alone. Grizzly and Ice Bear run over to Panda, and Grizzly tries to cancel out the peanuts with other foods.

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Before she can leave, Grizzly asks her if she wants to accompany them to the lake to throw rocks. Grizzly then picks Panda up and brings him into a hug. Upon looking up, Panda sees his savior and immediately falls in love. He says they got really sick and couldn't come.

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Panda refuses to play with them, having given up trying to woo Lucy. Lucy tells him it had peanuts in it, and Panda blacks out. Outside the window, Grizzly and Ice Bear are trying to get Panda's attention, but he ignores them.

Panda's surprised to find the cookie delicious and asks what's in it.