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It is decorated with ornately carved columns, 9 domes shining in the sunlight, 20 four-sided towers and more than 20, figures of Hindu mythology. Of course, no monuments of that time have remained till nowadays, and the architecture of India that we got used to know and appreciate so much was born only in the 16thth centuries.

Every day thousands of people from all corners of the country come here to make ritual ablutions in the waters of the sacred river, and this fascinating scene is one more bright illustration for the life of incredible India. Sincerely, Frequently-asked questions What happened to my Panoramio data?

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In the daylight the palaces looks white, at dawn it looks pink, in the moonlight it has the shades of silver.

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Fatehpur Sikri "the City of Victory" probably is not so widely known, but it has a longer and more ancient history. Delhi is the second largest city in the country after Mumbai and it does not need further recommendations.

It is not just architecture, but a wonderful love story inscribed for centuries. The majestic construction is surrounded by a park, canals and fountains. During the construction of the city, which occurred inpink coloured stones were used.

You are invited to have a fabulous trip to the history and culture of this unique country! You can earn points and unlock rewards for photos submitted with a Google account when they are linked to a point of interest or business. The construction of the temple lasted five years; more than seven thousand masters and three thousand builders from all the regions of India took part in it.

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And now we invite you to have a tour over these exotic lands with their most precious cultural heritage. The name for this city appeared when Mughal emperor Babur won at the battle of Khanwa.

During the long centuries of history it has received the name of "the Capital of Seven Empires". In between and Fatehpur-Sikri served as the main city of the Mughal Empire, and now it is interesting for its well-preserved architectural monuments of that time: According to the legends, Varanasi was founded by the god Shiva over 5, years ago.

All these houses are still well preserved and thanks to them Jaipur was nicknamed "the Pink City".


Panoramio has been discontinued. Thank you for stopping by. But one modern landmark of Delhi definitely deserves our attention: Around 20, workers were engaged in building this monument which took place between and But still, these architectural monuments have no equals in the whole world.

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Another crucial feature of the touristic India is Jaipur city, located in the state of Rajasthan. As a result an exquisite five-domed construction on a platform with four minarets in the corners was created. The ancient city of Varanasi is a landmark of another nature: In Hindu cosmology the city is referred as "the centre of the Earth".

It is also the largest Hindu temple in the world. Together they created a temple measuring 42 meters high, 94 meters wide and meters long. If your Panoramio photos were appearing in Google Maps with the name of your Google Account, then they will continue to appear along with their original view counts.