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Long before he became part of Got7, Jin Young was already a person with great dreams.

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Kim So-hyun Kim So-hyun was born 4th of June, She began her career when she was eight years old and became a popular child actress in a few films. She is a South Korean actress, host, and model. Moon began modeling at the age of 10, then made her acting debut in as a child actress.

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Kim So-eun Kim So-eun was born on 6th of September, She is a South Korean actress, singer, and model. Jo was cast in her first film in as a troubled and seductive manager in Innocent Thing. After her acting debut inshe became one of the best known child actresses in Korea.

Chris martin dating jennifer the time she was a fifth grader in elementary school, Kim appeared in 13 TV dramas and 15 movies.

She is a South Korean actress who appeared on a Seo Taiji album cover when she was 8. But more importantly, he wants a girl who believes in him and is passionate about what she do.

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She is a South Korean actress who made her acting debut with a bit part in the film. With that on hand, he still has no time for a love life.

She also appeared in a short film entitled Equal in when she was in middle school. Since being an idol was part of his dreams, he auditioned in some boy bands.

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Krystal was confirmed to be in relationship with Kai, a member of labelmate boy group EXO. Some of his diehard fans even do not want him to have a girlfriend so that he could focus on his career.

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He is more of a reserve guy and even up to now, he is still focusing more on his musical and acting career than his love life. Currently, he is the lead vocalist, lead dancer and rapper of the group.

By AugustKim starred in the youth drama called Love in the Moonlight.

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This young talented girl also starred in television drama series as well. After nine months of dating, they broke up in June due to their busy schedules.

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Then, she has further participated in S. The film called Two Guys, and she played t when she was in junior high school. She made her acting debut in the Korean drama Stairway to Heaven in She is a South Korean actress, model, and host.

She is also known for her natural beauty after her childhood photos surfaced on an online community. Girls that are cheerful really entices him since he is more of a parental type of person.

As she reached her teenage years, she was cast in more leading roles, notably in A Girl at My Door in And he also added that a girl must be a traditional kind of a woman, but still elegant and sexy.

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He wants to have a quality time with his special someone on a river, where the two of them could play like kids. She is an American singer and actress based in South Korea. Moon Geun-young Moon Geun-young was born on 6th May, This young lady is best known for her roles in the hit films Scandal Makers in And not only that, he already ventured being an actor, which makes him the ultimate idol.

Eventually, he became a member of Got7. Byshe became the youngest recipient of a Grand Prize which she won for the period drama Painter of the Wind.

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On October 20th,Shin and Jonghyun were spotted dating by a local news outlet. For him, this kind of date is the perfect way to bond with his special someone. Park Shin-hye Park Shin-hye was born on 18th of February, And right now, he is really on the peak of his career.

If we take a look at her personal life, she dated a well-known member in a boy band. He is the only boy in the family, with two other girl siblings. He needs someone that is slightly opposite with his serious demeanor. She debuted in as a member of South Korean girl group f x.

The latest release of their songs were widely acclaimed because of its catchy tone and appealing music videos. His group is popularly acclaimed by fans, especially their charming songs, where he has helped in composing.

Though he has not talked about marriage, he admits he wants someone who is cheerful and also a motherly person. Then, inshe starred in the television series Angry Mom. She rose to fame in a fantasy-period drama called Moon Embracing the Sun in He keeps his focus with his career with Got7 and solo stints.

Kim Yoo-jung Kim Yoo-jung was born on 22nd of September, She is a South Korean actresses and is the youngest actress in the list.

Shin Se-kyung Shin Se-kyung was born on 29th of July, Yet as of now, these supporters are very happy that he is not romantically link to anyone.

She is a South Korean actress. She is the second of three daughters. Park Bo-young Park Bo-young was born on 12th of February, Being an idol, he trained for almost 3 years before having a debut.

Jin Young was never linked to someone before. This young girl began her career as a child actress when she was seven years old. Not just with his looks and talents, but also his name. But they are also open to possibilities that their idol may soon have a special someone.

He is a undeniably a total performer. And then they can cook and eat some barbeques, while enjoying the captivating view of the place and their company. As of now, he is more serious with his career and marrying someone is not his priority.

Moon donated close to W million to Morning Reading which is a non-profit organization that promotes reading books.