Pastor Touré Roberts Talks Struggles, Growing a Megachurch, Misconception About Preachers Pastor Touré Roberts Talks Struggles, Growing a Megachurch, Misconception About Preachers

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Ultimately she turned her blog writing about her experiences into a book.

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And in she found love again. I left there with a heart for the people," he said. I think one of the challenges is sometimes we can be lazy and say, 'no, we want the world to adapt to our church language, our Christian experience,' etc.

The author admitted that just like countless others, things like getting upset over bad customer service on an airplane can give align multiple dna sequences online dating a reason to repent.

Whilst Sarah speaks much of God and her faith and how He has been guiding her and all that, she is quite mature in her approach to life, marriage and motherhood and not many year olds can claim that.

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Sarah Jakes and Pastor Henson wedding She became pregnant at 13 and though her parents were devastated, they also supported her and helped her through the trials and tribulations of being a teenage mother. Well, it turned out Robert had cheated on Sarah and got someone pregnant. In a conversation with The Christian Post, Roberts admitted that addressing some unresolved feelings about his now deceased father proved to be the most painful area of his life to work through.

Whatever you want me to do, if it requires being awkward, uncomfortable or in some cases giving up what I have established I am going to faithfully pursue You," he told CP. Needless to say that there was a rather delicate reason for that.

They were engaged within six months of their first date and married in November in a small circle with their combined five children in attendance Roberts brought three kids from a previous marriage with him. Sarah Jakes Roberts Talks Hopes for New Book for Women, 'Don't Settle for Safe' Interview Even though Roberts has managed to help and inspire countless people as a pastor, he buried much of the emotional pain that accumulated during his youth.

I think that every pastor, behind this image of adoration and admiration is a human being with real issues, real feelings," Roberts told CP.

At 26 Sarah Jakes has been a teen mom, twice married, once divorced and raises five children

Really what that was about was language," he explained. Our willingness to say 'yes' and to obey has caused this incredible thing to happen.

Divorce finalized in Some people live more in 25 years than others do in While he agrees that pastors should be held to a high standard, he believes many may be misunderstood. So we walk around with pain inside that can never be healed because it's never addressed.

Here [I've] got a thriving church in L. In that chapter, I found myself with my back against the wall," he told CP. From blocking out the memory of his shooting to feeling rejected from his father, Roberts had to confront a number of traumatizing moments while writing the book that he believes will help others heal from brokenness and become whole.

To some, it may seem Roberts has things all figured out but the preacher insisted he is far from perfect. I'm in full agreement of that but at the same time not so high that they don't make mistakes. However, the unexpected happened. The megachurch pastor believes marrying into the family of Bishop T.

Pastor Toure Roberts and Sarah Jakes pout Robert and Sarah had a daughter together, but in the marriage fell apart.

The pastor believes that when he speaks to millennials in a language that they can identify with and relate to, they are more receptive to listening to the messages in church.

Both campuses have continued to grow and thrive in a very healthy way," he said. But she also found that it helped her come closer to God and though fallible as a human being, she hoped to still inspire others with her story.

But after the couple had explored all avenues of a life and a future together, they had decided to part ways.

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Just really acknowledging, 'hey it hurts. Roberts visited Denver last March in support of Jakes, who was there to determine the next direction for the church. He likens the concept to the day of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit enabled a multitude of people to connect to God in different tongues.

You might catch them on a bad day. To have him say I am enough brought a level of healing and a level of confidence," Roberts revealed. It was a big ceremony attended by a few celebrities as well, not a spur of the moment thing.

Random Divorce At 26 Sarah Jakes has been a teen mom, twice married, once divorced and raises five children Sarah Jakes has seen and done a lot in her young life.

Roberts' father-in-law admitted to being skeptical about the younger pastor during the early stages of dating Sarah, but later "traded my skeptical glare for a gaze of deep admiration.