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The album's heartfelt subject on the break-up of a relationship resonated with critics, who gave the album paul westerberg juliana hatfield dating games positive reviews, with some hailing it as her best album since In Exile Deo.

Although Hatfield had a handful of modern rock hits, including "Spin the Bottle," she never managed to gain the mainstream audience of peers like the Lemonheadsand by the late '90s, she had settled into her cult following.

In a interview, she stated, "I just always liked pop music and really good melodies and major chords. And then follow that up with four more similarly released EPs over the next year that all contain seriously solid material.

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The album's composition, arrangement, performance, production, engineering and mixing was solely credited to Hatfield. Hatfield was raised in an upper-middle class home in Massachusetts; her father was a doctor and her mother was a fashion editor for The Boston Globe.

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Other songs have dealt with more serious issues such as body image "Ugly" and "Feed Me" as well as the failure to connect fully with other people or achieve meaningful and lasting relationships "How Would You Know" and "Perfection".

The album, There's Always Another Girl, arrived in About halfway through the project Hatfield stated that it had "completely re-energized and inspired" her again. Hatfield left the band inand Strohm and Boner formed Antenna. But the tasteful inclusion of chintzy drum programming and mellotron cleverly point to Smith's eventual creative direction.

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The album was originally going to be titled Speeches Delivered to Animals and Plants, in reference to a passage in the John Irving novel The World According to Garpbut later Hatfield herself changed it for the title There's Always Another Girl[37] in reference to a song in the album of the same name she'd written as a defense for Lindsay Lohan after watching her flop I Know Who Killed Me.

Nevertheless, the album failed to make her a star. This tour was followed, in Januaryby five dates on the American east coast; Hoboken, Brooklyn, Arlington, Milford and Philadelphia. And I had more fun recording this one.

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Since her work with the Blake Babies, she has generally assigned bass playing duties to band members or studio musicians. The following year, she played bass on the Lemonheads ' It's a Shame About Ray, which turned out to be the band's commercial breakthrough.

Hatfield's next project was a return to one of her first: Nearly ruin your guitar hand allegedly stabbing it with a screwdriver while cleaning wax from a candle? Immediately following her departure from the Blake BabiesHatfield contributed several lyrics to Susanna Hoffs ' debut album.

Titled The White Broken Line: For her next album, she reached out to her fans, crowd-sourcing the funding for the album through the website Pledge Music and giving a portion of the money donated by fans to a pair of animal shelters.

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Billboard called the first "a collection of plaintive demos" and the second "chock-a-block with punk guitar missives. And no love songs Wally Gagel, a producer for Sebadoh and Tanya Donellyhelped Hatfield record her most electronica-influenced songs, "Cool Rock Boy" and "Don't Rush Me", which added texture to the otherwise acoustic album.

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For the first time, Hatfield also played drums on at least one track. Singing in an endearingly thin voice, Hatfield married her ringing hooks to sweet, lovelorn pop and startlingly honest confessional songs.

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She has also played piano, electric pianoand organ on her releases. Quietly slide a record under your nom de plume Grandpaboy into record stores Mono and then follow it up with a companion album that contains some of the best songwriting of your career Stereo.

Total System Failure was panned by some critics [27] who preferred the more acoustic Beautiful Creature. This was Hatfield's third release for her record label.

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But even though it now employs bass, drums, tambourine and synth, the songs stays true to the sorrowful, tension-riddled original. Her solo debut, Hey Babe, became a college radio hit, and its follow-up, 's Become What You Are, was primed to become a crossover success in the wake of the commercialization of alternative rock.

It has no pretty sheen. Sometimes they have a wistful melancholy, a sense of struggling to carry on, trying to find some meaning in life "Backseat", "Feelin' Massachusetts".

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Released on Mammoth Recordsthe album was very similar to the Blake Babiesyet the songs were more personal and confessional. Only Everything followed in the spring of as alternative rock was beginning to decline in popularity.