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Paulson and taylor dating one direction, relationship timeline

Frenzy for the Paulson-Taylor pairing culminated at the Emmys, which was basically their personal love-fest.

Holland Taylor, 72, ‘dating Sarah Paulson, 40’

Which occasionally involve Lin-Manuel Miranda. Because of everything listed above, but also because of the astonishing fact that these two women met on social media: Best meal in LA. Despite the fact that the media yes, I am sometimes to blame too likes to focus on the hardships of our country, change is happening.

Did you think Sarah Paulson had the best moments of the night at the Emmy Awards?

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When Paulson got up on stage, she addressed her date for the evening with another moment that will be remembered in Emmys history: Best company to boot Ar-ar dating laboratory, meet Holland Taylor.

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If they're as legit as Holland Taylor, anyway. So when a celebrity of Sarah Paulson's caliber not only openly dates women and men when she damn well chooses, refuses to label her sexuality for reasons that are very personal to her, and openly celebrates her girlfriend regardless of the myriad judgments people make when a year-old loves a year-old, it's time to celebrate.

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It's also so encouraging to see that the world is changing for the better. They seemingly aren't letting anyone or anything get in the way of the fact that they have a beautiful, healthy, loving relationship.

Yes, Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor Are Dating

It's you with the fine and beautiful head She endured such brutal treatment that she admitted to People in a interview, "I just wanted to disappear. Paulson and Taylor are the best of the best when it comes to inspirational, talented actresses, and strong, badass women.

AHS actor's life story of struggle and success will make you cry VIDEO So, not only did Paulson set a decades-long injustice right tonight, she also allowed us to peek inside one of the best love stories of our time.

And, in celebrating their love, they're sharing that happiness with the rest of the world.

Sarah Paulson Confirms Holland Taylor Relationship: ‘I Am in Love' |

The world is becoming more accepting of love in every shape, size and color. Paulson was on the Emmys red carpet chatting with E!

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Twitter went nuts over the news. They also let fans in on their adorable dates.

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I do not subscribe to that… I want to shout it from the rooftops all the time that I love that person. Their relationship represents what America is all about whether Donald Trump likes it or not.

FX When Martha Plimpton, a mutual friend, had both of them record videos for her reproductive rights organization A is ForPaulson and Taylor finally gave each other a flirty follow. Calling Sarah Paulson an "emotional javelin" is so knowing, so sensitive to the unique flavor of her quality.

You probably already know her from "Legally Blond" fantastic and "Two and a Half Men" not so muchbut know her now as Paulson's talented and oh-so-supportive GF.

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It should be celebrated, and that's just what Paulson and Taylor are clearly doing. Taylor couldn't attend because she was in New York doing a play in New York, but Paulson made their love known in the show and on the carpet Tweet Pin Sarah Paulson announced her love for Holland Taylor to the world tonight at the Emmysand if you didn't get major feels from the moment, you have no soul.

From there, either Taylor or Paulson slid into the other woman's DMs, where they reportedly went back and forth until a dinner date was made. It's a beautiful thing! Paulson herself, in March ofconfirmed as much with the New York Timessaying: MsSarahPaulson I love your appreciation.


It puts a kind of sharp light mixed with a sort of diffused light on something. Paulson and Taylor are proof. We are so up to no good.