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Not just a beauty queen, she put her entrepreneurial skills to the test by opening up a boutique in Hamburg. Verona was born on the 30th of May in the city of La Paz, Bolivia.

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Her mother was the local hairdresser and her father was a German technician. In the same year she got acquainted with Dieter Bohlen at the disco Traxx. After having finished the school, young Feldbusch already knew what she wanted in her life, her aim was to become a top-model.

On a more personal note, Verona married German singer Dieter Bohlen inand the couple divorced that same year.

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When Verona was only 1 year old, she together with her family traveled to Germany, to Hamburg. With modeling and television gigs always at her door, it's clear it truly is Verona's World.

The German sex symbol appeared as herself in the documentary, Modern Talking, and starred as Miss Pustle in the comedy, But she left her another show, "Peep!

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Making an appearance on sugar free sweets shop in bangalore dating big screen, Verona had a bit part in the Sylvester Stallone racecar flick, Driven, in It even inspired the creation of the late-night talk show, Verona's World; but her television duties don't end here.

Though the girls also contend for show business. She made her television debut as the host of the series Peep! And they are nothing more than friends. In the fall in September of '98 Verona again appeared in Dieter's life, but he had his long-time girlfriend Nadja Verona and Nadja are the eternal rivals.

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Verona certainly had the striking looks to wow others, and at 15, she made her modeling debut. Verona Feldbusch and Dieter Bohlen The second wife of Bohlen appeared to be the host of the German television, the entertaining show "Peep!

She also made guest appearances on Conan in and TV Total a year later.

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In the autumn of she performed for the first time as a model, then she was only 15 years old. Especially if we're talking about love. The youngest of 3 — with 2 older brothers — Verona is the daughter of a technician and a hairdresser.

But the story had a happy-end. Accustomed to posing for the camera, the model is also known for her advertising work for Iglo and Telegate.

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As for one of the versions about their divorce that was because Verona only needed money from Dieter, but after having spent a large amount of money on her DM and a car Jaguar he understood what her wife really wanted They both have been photographed for Playboy and now they are both having shows on TV.

Already showing a penchant for fashion, a young Verona spent time doing needlework as a child, and she had sewn her first dress by the age of 6 with her mother's help. Once a high school graduate, she headed to Paris to try her hand at modeling, and gained some experience in the city of lights.

InVerona won her first beauty pageant, and took home the crown as "Miss Hamburg". In her childhood Verona loved doing needlework, and at the age of 6 she has sowed her first dress herself though with mother's help.

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Tall cm and slim 55 kg girl was titled several times: All that happened in Dieter consider this marriage as a mistake, he said that "he's a given and devoted man, and Verona is a beautiful woman".

In on the 18th of August she started her show "Peep! This after having proposed to her 6 times. Verona fans must have been pleased to see that the Peep!

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But that was really Dieter's mistake - he proposed to Verona 6 times! Two weeks of acquaintance, lighting-like wedding on the 13th of May '96 in Las Vegas, a month of living together, and divorce - that's almost all what is known about the wedlock of Dieter and Verona.

Giving reality television a shot, she made guest-appearances on the popular "peeping Tom" show, Big Brother, in both the and seasons.