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The display of a meter long scroll painting is the longest piece of your work until now. When I die, before closing my eyes, many things will come out so vividly. Also, living in Shanghai, probably the fastest growing city, where tremendous changes every day, I observed silently.

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I tried to reach a balance, unity contradictions to a harmony. Who composed the traditional ink painting and modern city into a symphony? The reason why I made dragon is that dragon image is only in China.

In my work contains two kinds of conflict: Born in late 80s in Shanghai, the artist has deep passion for traditional culture. Both [mediums] are the same to me except for the added dimension of time. I certainly think everything is worth.

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Such as contradiction between traditional Chinese ink painting and the details of the modern city through my work, they are together, and to achieve visual balance. I will definitely expand into movies at some point. The rises of high legatrin yahoo dating, demolition alterations are everywhere.

Yang Yongliang, a unique artist, he uses computer technology synthesis to combine traditional Chinese ink and picture taken in modern city.

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All images courtesy of Yang Yongliang. My videos can be seen as an extension of my photography work. With their state of mind to appreciate the present life, we could not be lived in mountain and forest, but we can emphasize "hermit known to the world.

Do you think learning Chinese paining and calligraphy is still relevant and important to people nowadays?

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I am afraid we could not restore and reach the ancient art creation, our social environment is different, and people's mentality could not be detached, as the ancients did.

So look at my paintings in the distance it is harmonious natural scenery, but when you approached it can found the hidden details of urbanization indeed. For the future, what are your plans and intentions? Another amazing installation art is a popping out of the dragon, 2 meters high, 6 meters long, made of cement.

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Using a deft subtlety, Yongliang creates his photo-collage landscapes with an amazing impact. Maybe dragon's realistic shape and huge body in particular challenges the audience's visual and emotional.

City is the place I inhabit, a place growing with me and which contains my memories. Oh, yes, you can imagine into the mountain landscape.

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During the filming process, I discovered this point of view produces an unusual experience. What kind of tools and technology do you use? Mountain Water Landscapethe imitation of the traditional art from my childhood as well as the art form that is disappearing with the city and I growing.

The development of Western art focuses more on social and functional meaning. Why you combining the Chinese ink painting and modern urban landscape photography together?

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First, the artistic creation of the material has been unable to reach the ancient realm. What kind of stories are happening? China Landscape Painting reached a peak in Song dynasty. You are a big fan of movies, would you consider making a film?