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Changes to PermataNet GTC By prior notification by the Bank to the Customer in any form and means in accordance with the the unofficial guide to dating again pics provisions and regulations, Bank reserves the right to modify, complete or replace the terms and conditions of this PermataNet GTC.

Any dispute or dissent which cannot be settled through deliberation by the Parties, such dispute or dissent shall be settled through mediation in banking field. If sent through SMS, at the time when confirmation of send failure has not been received.

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According to the search engine optimization, w3 rules are very important. The Bank entitled to take into consideration and to charge the Customer, including to conduct a direct debit to the Account concerning the amount that must be paid by the Customer as referred to in Article 3 paragraph 1 of PermataNet GTC, which have been paid in advance by the Bank.

Emergency Force Majeure Article Title Length Explanation You can see comment for permatanet. If you want to your web site is visited by too many peopleyou should write sentence about you in this section. Thanks to thisupon this words is searched in search engines, you can provide that your site is shown and thanks to this you can get visitors.

Meta Keywords Explanation Meta Keywords tag allows you to define keywords of your website. We recommend you to check it permatanet online dating making sure your website works right and is suitable for search engines. Meta Language Explanation Language in meta language section on permatanet.

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The Languange Used Article Exclusions and Compensation Article 9: You should attend the your web site's fitness with the your title's keywords. If your web site's language harbour a different language content, This meta language code is wrong. Other agreements made between the Bank and the Customer for the obligation of costs related to the use of PermataNet will apply continuously and is an integral and inseparable part of the PermataNet GTC and binding the Customer.

You can plan improvements considering comments. Terms for the Use of PermataNet The Bank will only execute every Instruction permatanet online dating by the Customer if Bank has managed to confirm the authenticity of such Instructions, which is verified through the process of authenticating and verifying the Security Code entered by the Customer, as well as the confirmation message of the transaction processing approval and the Customer has agreed to all terms and conditions related to the implementation of these Instructions.

Choice of Law And Domicile of Article If you obey this criteriayou will be successful as soon.

Term & Conditions

The Bank reserves the right at its sole discretion to change, add or charge for each of the costs that are used in PermataNet and for such changes and additional costs will be notified to the Customer through media that are determined by the Bank and such notification is bound to the Customer.

Termination of PermataNet Service PermataNet service will end if one or more of the following conditions are fulfilled: The Bank is entitled to reject, not process, and cancel the Instruction received by the system and procedures that apply at the Bank in case of one or more events as follows: You can prepare a sitemap page named www.

Customer must follow all terms and conditions set by the Bank in connection with such Instruction. It is a suitable number for search engine optimization.

All transactions executed by the Bank based on the Instructions are fully bound to the Customer.

General Info

Also sitemap pages name is generally determined as sitemap. Bank reserves the rights to unilaterally terminate or suspend the PermataNet service without prior notice to Customer in the event the following: You can find information of how should be a meta description tag on comments below.

Access fees or internet service that is a part of the service package from the telecom operator is the responsibility of the Customer and beyond the responsibility of the Bank.

This doesn't seem to bring any benefit at all, but you can use it as a standard. Others With the approval of the PermataNet GTC by the Customer by "click"ing on the "agree" button of the application on the internet, thus the Customer have agreed to be bound to the terms and conditions of PermataNet GTC and other provisions set forth by the Bank in connection with the execution of transactions through PermataNet, which will be prior notified by the Bank to the Customer in accordance with the applicable provisions and regulations, the provisions of the existing legislation, as well as any changes, additions, and implementing regulations of what has been mentioned above.

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Html Validation 50 Error We determined that your web site has 50 errors in w3. Definition Throughout the context of the sentence, if does not specify otherwise, terminologies or definitions with initial capital letters in this PermataNet GTC have the following meanings: Costs The Customer is obliged to pay the Bank for all the costs arising as the result of the use of PermataNet, which included transaction costs, and other costs in the amount determined in accordance with the applicable policies of the Bank.

You can add keywords till 92 characters about your site's content in meta keywords section. For the security for conducting transaction through the internet, Customer is recommended to change the Password and PIN mobile token periodically.

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Provision And Transaction Limit Article 4: Customer Responsibilities Article 6: In the event the Bank has received the Instruction, such Instruction given by the Customer is valid and binding on the Customer and cannot be changed, when.

Meta Description Explanation Meta Description tag allows you to tell search engines what your website is about. Submission and Handling of Information Article 7: Your error number is seen low but If you leave "0" error, you can reach more high quality point.

Meta Keywords Length 0 We determine that you didn't use meta keywords in meta section of your permatanet. For additional information see alexa.

Notification All notifications which must be sent by either party to the other regarding or in relation to this PermataNet GTC, must be made by registered mail, or by courier, or through the electronic media among others e-mail, or facsimile, or telex or short message system "SMS" or phone cellular in accordance with data or information which has been received and registered by the Bank.

Bank Protection Article The Customer is obliged to notify the Bank as soon as possible, if the Customer suspects the existence of the other party who may be able to access and use the Security Code that belongs to the Customer, in order for the Bank to take necessary action and steps deemed necessary for the security of Customer.

You should change your site's meta language code. Any dispute arising from or pursuant to this PermataNet GTC, will be settled by the following manner: