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This is text faq is targeted to the majority of readers that can't download large files or would just like to get help on the go. Since he moved to the dorm, he had kept his house keys with him, due to the circumstances involving his father.

Unauthorized reproduction and distribution of this document, or any portion of it, may result in severe civil and criminal penalties, and will be prosecuted to the maximum extent possible under the law. In addition cheyenne and cry dating advice Junpei whiffs his bat, he gets a strike, with three strikes resulting an out.

When this fails, he forms a team with Koromaru to battle Aigis and Metis for the keys.

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Unlike Yukari, Junpei isn't bothered by the thought of returning to fight the Shadows. Junpei can only be friends with the female protagonist because of how he feels towards Chidori. Every time Junpei manages to hit his opponent with his bat, he gets a single, or a runner on a base.

Victory Cry, other than giving him an overall boost and slowly regenerating his HP not unlike Spring of Lifewill make bat hits as Clean Hits which will increase untechable time, which gives Junpei more room to perform combos.

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But his luck worsened when the red fog appears and he has to fight Shadow Yukari and he ends up being mocked by General Teddie for being a yapping idiot and also a mook when he wins. Junpei's battle style is greatly influenced by the baseball scorecard right next to his SP Gauge; understanding how to use this is key to Junpei's gameplan.

Chidori's residual power remains with Junpei, allowing him to regenerate health over time. In this walkthrough, I will pretty much cover the main story as well as the added chapter, The Answer.


In the same way, reflecting projectiles with the bat counts as a single as well. When the pair are defeated by Aigis, they become two of the torches that surround the arena, along with Akihiko and Ken and is later followed by Yukari and Mitsuru.

Junpei resolved by Chidori's death. Thus at the price of his runners at their bases, Junpei can further advance toward his quota. Apparently, whenever the flowers threatened to wilt, Chidori would revive them using her own life. But when Junpei's bat gets blocked, Junpei gets a ball with 4 balls giving him a runner on base.

Edit Junpei Iori is one of the protagonist's friends.

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He commonly neglects his school work and uses SEES to boost his low-self esteem. This continues until he gets a runner on all bases, after which hits get a runner back to home base, thus scoring a run and adding another point to his scorecard. Junpei acts recklessly, often attempting to prove himself to his teammates.

He can also summon Trismegistus overhead and use fire moves to control the distance between him and the enemy. Two school partners then appear and invite Junpei to have some drinks at the Escapade Club, but he rejects their proposal since he's not still the legal age to drink and, besides, he wasn't in the mood because of his father.

Chidori sacrifices herself and uses her Persona to restore Junpei to life.

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Chidori will be seen in the hospital, alive but with little memory, only recalling someone in her dreams, which is presumed to be Junpei. Akihiko Sanada found him during the Dark Hourcrying and disoriented in a convenience store.

He was then daydreaming that he won the WBC World Baseball Championship for his team and proposed to Chidori, only to be woken up by the conductor at Inaba Station, telling him this is the last stop.

Junpei's leitmotif is called "Mr. Like most of the playable characters, Junpei is a student at Gekkoukan High Schooland has been in Yukari's class before. Sobbing, he says that he's crying out of joy because today is the happiest day of his life.

Since I love using screenshots to make the guide more effective, spoilers may also lie ahead so read with care. Junpei is eager to fight, because playing hero makes him feel important. Aigis ends up discovering a supply route before Junpei, which causes his party to disband.

Junpei Mizobata

Coincidentally, Yukari calls him and she was surprised that he's in the same location where her, Ken, Koromaru, Labrys and Kikuno are headed and tells him to wait for them at the station but his phone's batteries dies.

This allows him to secure Victory Cry easily in the first round. On vacations, he attempts to pick up the local women, usually dragging his guy friends along. He makes quick and inaccurate assumptions about the protagonist and Yukari's relationship, when she mentions 'last night. In Antenorawhen the player opens the door leading to the flashback about Junpei's past, the player sees him taking a stroll at Paulownia Mall to forget about his depressing coexistence with his alcoholic father.

He decides to head to the convenience store, thinking that it's a good place to charge his phone and get a snack. His insecurities lead to jealousy toward the protagonist.