Persona 4 Dating Ai Persona 4 Dating Ai

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Rare treasure chests are now locked and require a treasure key to be opened.

Persona 5: The Best Confidant Abilities

There are new leftovers in the fridge. Makoto automatically joins your team as the story progresses. The Fortune Commu is now available. Fool Commu Rank UP. The Book Shop sells a different particular magazine each month, which helps you increase your status parameter.

Cultural Festival Day 2.

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The game is focused on a more rural area instead of the city. You can cook at night, depending on how you make it it can either be a lunch or fish bait.

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Tuesday November 16 Weather: Frail Reduce HP each turn. Grocery Shopping at Junes.

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When an enemy is knockdown, sometimes it will randomly trigger a special follow up move from party members. Kuma's Persona will evolve. New leftovers in the fridge.

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All Classrooms can be found in the Learning Corridor side, while all Clubs can be found in the Practice Corridor side.

The waifu wars have never been quite so engaging. Friday Night Event May 14 Weather: Star Commu Rank UP. Shuffle time now only offer 3 cards.

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No, you can't dump your girlfriend in Persona 5. Requires LV 3 Knowledge to ace the test. This is the initial version of the guide, so not all content has been covered yet. Speak to one of the students on shmenti kapeli online dating first floor of the Practice corridor.

Anyways the game will automatically skipped to March 20 if you got the bad ending.

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Part of the twins September 6 Weather: Requires you to finish Void Quest first August 4 Weather: You can now save the game by checking the calendar.

In order to leave a dungeon, you wil need to either walk all the way back to entrance, use a Kaereiru, or find the save point on the last floor. New leftovers in fridge. Talk to the history teacher for 3 Treasure keys. You can also save by looking at the calendar, and at certain times check the refrigator for food, which can increase your bravery.

Each time after shuffle time it will give you an Arcana card that can give out positve or negative effects depending on your luck. You can cook at night. Thursday July 29 Weather: When talking to NPCs you are given two options the first choice is "Ask about the Spring Incident" and the second choice is " have you seen anyone suspicious?

But if you critical or use the enemy weakness when the enemy is down they will recieve the status faint and will lose a turn.

Persona 5 Confidant Cooperations - Conversation Choices & Ranking Up

If you did horribly on the test, Kanji will call you to study till August In fact, you can date every single romance option if you want - but it's not necessarily recommended. You have till October 5 to finish this dungeon.

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Sunday June 20 Weather: You can also check the weather by speaking to the weather girl on the roof of your school, or by speaking to your teammates on the food court Anyways head to your room and sleep. If this is the third time you have talked to Naokiyou will activate the Hangman Commu.

Random May 29 weather: Saturday Outdoor School Event: Kanji's Event Fool's Commu Rank up. You can also talk to Kanji in the 1st floor Practice corridor to visit Nanako in the hospital.

Persona 4 Dating Ai

Meaning of "Smoke Free"? Teammate How to romance Haru: Wednesday November 17 Weather: Unlike P3, you will need to sell materials before the Weapon Shop will have more items in stock.

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It prevents knockdown from weakness. Friday July 2 Weather: You are then given a list of the people you know and you have pick the right one within 3 tries or else it goes directly to Bad Ending No.

Receive Yen August 22 Weather: Friday Test Day No. South Pole and North Pole, which one is colder? Kanji can be found here. New Leftovers can be found in the fridge "Nanako's Pudding" Increase Courage when eaten July 5 Weather: New leftovers can be found at the fridge Increase Bravery September 3 Weather: As the Main Character goes outside, you, Yousuke and Naoto will have a discussion on how the killer is.