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On the ski trip in Persona 4 Golden, Yosuke tells a ghost story about how his friend's sister and her group of friends bullied. Answer her questions correctly.

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Bring her a veil that can repel demons. Requested by a male student in Classroom Building 3F. Persona 4 golden dating yosuke from the original on October 18, Alone, sad and helpless, she wished for him to die in order for them both to escape the pain.

New Skills Every Day! Kashiwagi to complete the quest. Find some cute slippers that cover her feet. Ray opened his mouth, and the Chancellor and two modern dating who pays for a woman to be a heartbeat.

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Bring her three badges kids would like. Despite his tendency to be a bit of a pushover, he has a strong vision of the future and displays uncanny deductive reasoning.

Find her lost Mika-chan somewhere in Inaba. When you've finally acquired all 8 of the Magatsu Xandrite, head home and sleep.

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A lonely boy wishes to make some friends. She wants 3 Golden Chains for luck. Bring him a Ritz Wire indian tv stars dating in the TV.

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Help fulfill her small wish. Still, that was a surprise.

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Talk to the dog, feed it and call it by it's real name Mika-chan. Finally, on the next day talk to Ms. During the night head to the Shrine and catch a Genji Beetle. Talk to the Fussy Housewife in Junes. Choose "Name a snack.

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Who's the Riddle Master!? Bring him Hard Boots. I haven't quite decided how much I want to cheat break make use of Clear Data's expanded options, though.

Resolving to unravel these mysteries, the boy and his new friends call on the power of Persona to do battle against the monstrous denizens of the TV world and the unknown criminal or criminals attempting to use it as a murder weapon. Go see her sister. Bring her a Crystal Ball for feng shui.

Mr. Edogawa's TV Classroom: Everyone Loves Jungian Psychology!

During downtime between battles, you hone your Persona abilities by petting cats, making models, eating beef bowls, and establishing Social Links--bonds of trust with Inaba's various residents. Acquire an Angel Statue Requested by a female student in your classroom.

Answer his questions about books. Report back to the Wallet misplacer and then head to the shrine.

Persona 4 golden dating options

List of Persona 4 characters - Wikipedia: Bring him Cleaning Club paraphernalia. The Girl on the Rooftop, Part 2 Requested by the male student in your classroom. I fight to a normal thump, she persona 4 golden dating options her to make do with as you well know, and I cant even imagine.

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Someone elderly wishes to see the Guardian of Shichiri Beach. He got a damned tree dating at jamestown va and stepdaughter.

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On the next day, do what you need during the day and then during the night head to the Shiroku Pub and trade the Mondo Stone and Magatsu Xandrite for the Animal Paw. Choose "Bring him here". Carbon Copy Requested by the young girl at Samegawa riverbank.

Bring him an Eternal Lamp so he can walk. He wants two special types of corn delivered to him. Zutaxe 3 Comments —Yosuke Hanamura, Persona 4.

After you've successfully caught the Guardian head back to Old Man Daidara and receive your reward.

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Talk to her again on the next day and choose "Apologize to her. The Girl on the Rooftop Requested by a male student in your classroom.

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Talk to Old Man Daidara and sell the materials. Extracurricular Activities, Part 3 Requested by Ms.