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Her remains were found in a tomb called El Castillo de Huarmey, located on the coast of Peru, back in Oscar Nilsson Her tomb was located on a site that was once a temple complex for the Wari culturewhich lived there for centuries before the Incas moved in.

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Ancient Peruvian Queen Mummy and her Sacrifice Victims to Undergo DNA Analysis | Ancient Origins

Find to Give gift someone going him. The two main pyramids there, Huaca del Sol and the Huaca de la Luna, were once the center of social and religious functions in the area and the final resting place of the tattooed mummy.

The grave goods buried with her suggest that she was a ruler of her people. In the tomb were robes, nose rings, ceremonial batons and headdresses and other signs of wealth and status.

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Nilsson used photographs of indigenous Andeans living near the tomb for reference.

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She died in her mids about 1, years ago, probably as a complication of childbirth. The reconstruction of her face is now on public display at the National Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw, Poland, available for anyone to see.

Although it is not believed that common members of Moche society were tattooed, it could certainly be inferred from this burial that the highest status members were, and the tattoos probably represented and strengthened the connection with the divine through sympathetic magic.

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Known as the Huarmey Queen, the woman was believed to be 60 years old. Yesterday, it was revealed that the face of a Scottish soldier had been digitally recreated, showing what this man from the 17th century looked like.

The researchers aim to determine if the other people buried with the Lady of Cao were related to her, and if so, how. In total, 58 noblewomen were buried in the tomb, including four queens or princesses.

Stunning Reconstruction Reveals The Face Of A 1,Year-Old Peruvian Queen | IFLScience

Her skeleton suggested she had spent most of her life sitting, possibly weaving, with textiles at the time more desirable than gold or silver. And some of her teeth were missing, with the decay hinting that she had regularly drunk a sugary drink only the Wari elite were allowed to drink, called chicha.

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