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Undergraduate, Master and PhD Scholarships for International Students

Is the deadline for referee letters the same as your application deadline? Most labs engage in weekly talks and get-togethers on-site, during the day. In his thesis, he studied the impact of an academic mentoring program on career decision-making of undergraduate students.

Her dissertation builds on the following research questions: The application's supplementary form must be submitted by December 11, All applications received between October and December will be considered for September admission.

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Am I still eligible to apply? During the initial application process, we only require applicants to upload a copy of their documents. Do they differ between domestic and internationalised firms? What's more, Computer Science is a department within the U of T's Faculty of Arts and Sciencefacilitating engagement in interdisciplinary research across all fields of inquiry.

Prospective PhD Students

Like mature applicants, it is not the amount of time spent in the field that counts; but the significance of your contribution and impact on the profession that must be detailed, documented and presented as part of the application. Describe any original research you have done — the results, their importance and your particular contributions.

If your referee does not have an institutional address, this is fine as long as a verifier could search the email address in a search engine and find your referee. Applicants who otherwise meet alteraciones cromosomicas estructurales yahoo dating admission requirements, but hold a degree in another field, may apply for admission as special students to the non-degree program.

How recent must my Englisht test results be? Are professional references accepted as a referee? If I am sending official hard copy transcripts, may I send them from my own address, or do they need to be sent directly from my institution?

PhD Admission FAQ

How does it work, and under what circumstances? When will a decision be made on my application? Does time management work?

Our students, both graduate and undergraduate, excel on the national and international stages. Please visit the SGS website for postdoctoral fellows for details. Institutional exam results are not valid for admission purposes.

Student Award Recipients

Can time management help us be more creative? A major research paper demonstrating the student's ability to do independent work in organizing existing concepts and in suggesting and developing new approaches to solving problems in a research area.

Please note that the addition of late information to your application does not cause it to be re-read. Please visit our research interests web pages for more information. I have taken the prerequisite courses but do not meet the minimum requirements.

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The absence of these grades will have no impact on the review of your application. Applications received between October and December will only be considered for September admission.

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I am not sure about this degree program. Please note that you must submit a transcript for all courses taken towards your undergraduate degree, including those from your nonprimary institutions.

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A link to detailed instructions for reporting GPA is located near these fields on the application. Do you offer distance education? Once you have applied for the relevant exchange program, your application is processed through SGS and passed on to the department for approval.

The Department of Psychology aims to issue all offers of admission to PhD degree applicants by the end of March. Where there is a strong academic rationale, an application that falls short of the stated requirements may be re-viewed on a case—by-case basis by the Admissions Committee once the application deadline has passed.

Students are sometimes registered off-campus to engage in approved specialized research activity, or they may take an approved leave of absence from research to gain relevant work experience in an internship.

A graduate student can, but not necessarily, refer to someone who is studying for a graduate diploma.

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He is also interested in comparative corporate governance by associating institutional and cultural indicators with governance practice in examining existing divergence between de-jure rules and de-facto implementations.

The Department of Computer Science is located in the heart of Torontothe third-largest information and communication technology centre in North America.


Where an applicant has, for example, published relevant papers, technical reports or patents professionally, the applicant may then be considered for non-standard admission if they can demonstrate that they have achieved qualifications at least equivalent to the stated admission requirements.

Graduate students can choose from projects spanning the entire spectrum of computer science research and beyond.

And a graduate student refers to any student studying for any degree beyond that of the bachelors so that would be typically the masters or the doctorate.

We are unable to upload additional documents or replace previously uploaded documents including the statement of purpose or additional information. Your statement of purpose should be a one- or two-page personal essay that discusses your career goals, why you want to do research, the areas of research that interest you and your skills or qualifications.