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Phillip ng admits dating linda chung latest, philip ng(伍允龍) praises moon lau(劉佩玥), admits he was in a relationship with linda chung(鍾嘉欣)

He is mature, loving and loves the lord. Among the five series that were released in[28] Chung received most recognition for her acting in A Journey Called Life. Thank you to the concerns from my friends especially the media.

Please give me some privacy.

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TV career[ edit ] — Since we met, we discovered that we have common values, faith and endless topics to chat. He is very gentle and attentive towards me.

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Due to its success, Star Entertainment released a second version of her album, " Dinner for One, World for Two Reloaded", which included more songs and more bonus material.

Her professional attitude and acting were praised by Cilla KungXia Yu and Steven Maespecially Ma mentioned she was still maintaining the purity of heart and having progress in her acting continually.

In addition, her relation line with Tse has gained her more public exposure and was the topic of popular discussion. The elders also hope that we would settle down and have children soon. First, she appeared as a cool bowling coach initially.

Stars ShineChung's music company, compiled and released a second edition of the album, removing one song and including the theme song of her currently airing series Missing You.

When Chung sang "Friendship is just that simple" and played with her piano, the concert was going to another climax. The album reached the 1 in sales chart and entered sales chart of the LP Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong for more than 5 weeks, gaining 2 for 2 weeks.

Chung announced her pregnancy on Mother's Day She was seen wearing a wedding ring when performing in America 7.

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Twilight Dating a coworker buzzfeed try was another series in the year, her acting has got approbated yet.

She has since collaborated with another Star Entertainment singer, Stephanie Cheng. Her concert gained a full house.

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Not only Chung's acting was praised by public, but she and her co-star Bosco Wong were gaining high popularity to be the new screen couple.

Road to Leading Actress - Linda Chung" as the theme for sharing with students about the choice of life, transformation, and practice the ideal. During the shooting of A Journey Called LifeChung received much praise from co-star Steven Mafor her beauty, good manner, and ripe acting.

She revealed on August 27, that her she had given birth to a daughter named Kelly Leung. He is a mature, full of care, loves the god and caring towards me. A scene in the drama, telling her fierce exchange with Yan Hunggarnered a point rating, making it the most-watched scene in all TVB series to-date.

Linda Chung

Linda Chung admits wedding rumours: Chung has also sung the children's songs, which were welcomed by children. Although Chung can gain the nomination and get into top five of "Best Actress", TVB still received a lot of complaints about Chung not having a nomination of "My favorite female chacacter role".

She invited Kristal Tin and Alex Fong as guest performers. It was rare that the major newspapers also reported the above matter at the same time. Although Linda did not address on her pregnancy rumours, she dropped hints on her pregnancy.

Among these three songs, "Thinking of you day and night" was the first plugged song and was much more conspicuous.

Linda Chung admits wedding rumours: “I am married!”

She spoke about her battle with depression after joining the entertainment industry. Despite the age gap, Chung stated that their relationship developed due to similar interests and understanding of one another. No longer known as Linda BB and be a good wife! Chung made her acting debut in the series Virtues of Harmony IIthe modern spin-off of the sitcom, Virtues of Harmony.

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During the concert she received massive warmth and support from her fans. During that time, I would cry as soon as I returned home. She herself spoke about the many new challenges she faced while portraying her character.

Ram Chiang was the only senior actor there. I have no reply to other rumours now and please give me some privacy. When it was nearly came to an end, Law Sir's undercover identity was finally revealed, Miss Koo was collapsed since she has been deceived by Law Sir and her sister Queenie Chu 's character.

Our love earns the support from our families and the elderlies hope we will get married and have child soon. At the start of her career, Linda faced severe pressure from a heavy workload and suffered loneliness from being far away from home. Will share the happy news with everybody at an appropriate time.

Hope everyone will be safe and happy too!

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We had a simple and solemn wedding ceremony with the witness from our families and god last year end. She is the first and only TVB canpop singer who got three 1 in the four major musical chart in the nearest 12 years.

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When Kelly Chen sang with Chung, it gained a climax of the whole concert. Chung and her co-star Ruco Chan became a screen couple as their cooperation gaining high popularity in the public.

Her latest film in is 72 Tenants of Prosperity.

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Finally, you found your Mr Right. In my heart, I hope to be like everyone else who can have my own family and live an ordinary and yet blissful life. The audiences had massive praises for her performance and agreed that she was perfectly capable of competing in Best Actress category for this role at the year-end awards ceremony, despite being second female lead.

Thank you to the god for meeting my husband Jeremy who comes from Vancouver. He likes Chung acted from basic til qualified right now, sometimes provided new elements in her performance as well.

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To respect their families, they have picked an auspicious date, February 27 to hold their wedding banquet. According to sources, a heartbroken Linda then returned to Vancouver, where she met her soon-to-be husband through Eliza. The award was given to Kate Tsui at last.

Many viewers criticized about the way TVB was showing her series too close to one another.

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Thank you my media friends for all your concern, but people who know me are aware that I prefer to keep a low profile when it comes to relationship and family. Her second plugged song "I'm actually unhappy" got a high click rating in YouTube.