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Phone line wire hookup for thermostat, a perfect fit for this product...

Turn on the circuit breaker to your central heating and air conditioning unit.

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Look next to each terminal screw for its identifying letters or numbers. Replacing the thermostat might initially appear to be a simple task, but once your remove the cover from your thermostat, you might become intimidated by the wires and connections. Step 2 Trace each thermostat wire to its terminal screw.

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Step 3 Loosen the wire terminal screws on your old thermostat. Step 8 Install batteries into the wall plate, then install the thermostat body onto the wall plate.

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Step 7 Pay close attention to the terminal screws marked as "Rh" and "Rc. Wrap the "R" wire around the "Rh" screw and the "Rc" wire around the "Rc" terminal screw.

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Tighten the "Rh" and the "Rc" terminal screws. Step 5 Thread the wires through the opening in the new Honeywell thermostat. Pull the thermostat wires from beneath the thermostat screws.

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Pull the old thermostat from the wall and tape the wires to the wall so they don't fall into the wall cavity. Step 1 Turn off the circuit breaker to your central heating and air conditioning unit.

Confirm the power is off by testing the wires for voltage using a non-contact voltage tester.

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Attach the thermostat's wall plate to the wall with the provided anchors and screws. As long as you pay close attention to where the wires attached to your original thermostat, you can hook up the wiring on your new Honeywell thermostat model RTHB without mistakes.

If you have an "R" wire in addition to an "Rh," "4" or "V" wire, wrap the "R" thermostat wire around the "Rc" terminal screw and the "Rh," "4" or "V" wire around the "Rh" terminal. Write each terminal screws' identifier on a small piece of masking tape and wrap the tape around the wire attached to the screw.

If you have an "R" and an "Rc" wire, use needle-nose pliers to grab the small jumper wire that connects the "Rh" and "Rc" terminals together on the new thermostat and pull the jumper wire from beneath the two terminal screws.

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The low-voltage thermostat wires are powered through the main heating and air system in your home. This is often the case. You might have additional wires that are not attached to the thermostat; do not worry about identifying any loose wires as you will not attach them to the new Honeywell thermostat model RTHB.

Step 4 Remove the screws holding the original thermostat to the wall.