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New Etha 2 from Planet Eclipse

The marker comes with an SL 3 regulator just like all the other high end Planet Eclipse guns. Planet Eclipse Etha Upgrades The Etha has a proprietary grip so there are no aftermarket grips for the marker.

This engineering approach makes the pneumatic operation of the gun quite simple. Still, this is something to be aware of if you purchase a used Etha. It really has mass appeal no matter how experienced you are.

Just like the Etek, the Etha makes use of durable nylon composite materials for its grip frame, eye covers and feed neck. You can upgrade the marker with a new feedneck yet the standard feedneck is serviceable.

Experienced paintball players will hesitate to take the leap of faith with a marker made of composite plastic.

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Only those with the highest standards will complain after shooting the Etha. There are several different triggers available from Violent Products. Best of all, it is fairly cheap compared to other top flight paintball markers. It encases the marker without modifying it.

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It even comes with a full lifetime warranty. The shaft is The Feel Overall, the Etha is quite light and comfortable.

Maintenance Eclipse markers are famous for their autonomy. It shoots with excellent accuracy, is quite light and has a fantastic user experience design. This kit really empowers players with the flexibility that they need to adjust to a side array of play scenarios.

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You can also upgrade the barrel, ASA and trigger. Conclusion The Planet Eclipse Etha is a fun marker for paintball players of all levels. The kit is super light but made with sturdy glass reinforced nylon. It feels just like the top end tournament markers but comes at a much more affordable price.

There are capped and uncapped modes within semiautomatic. It seems like an inferior material compared to metal markers. The Shot In terms of performance, the Etha is another fantastic marker in a long line of extraordinary Planet Eclipse products.

Yet those who use the Etha understand just how strong this material really is. Some have complained about the poppet spring issue yet Eclipse has sent out free springless poppets to those who purchased new Ethas. The regulator is flexible to handle a variety of tank output pressures. When it is in your hands, it feels good.

Planet Eclipse Etha 2 o-ring kit Deluxe W/ 300+ orings by Flasc Paintball

Yet the Etha fires quite accurately and it feels nice and smooth as you rip off consecutive shots. It is somewhat similar to the Geo marker but its design and functionality are unique. It has an aluminum body and barrel and weighs just over 2 pounds.

It fires up to a thousand paint balls with a 4, psi fill before any drop off is noticed.

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An EMC tactical body kit is also available for the Etha. It also adds between 20 and 25 fps. It comes with a high flow, soft face tip, a super soft spring and a tough aluminum body that is very light.