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Power button is broken. I am a blue tooth and hand free user since the first hands free came out 18 years ago. It should also be noted that Plantronics has raised up a bit more to allow you to better tell what their shape is without looking.

The earpiece does not fit correctly. If one of these components becomes too damaged the unit will lose its ability to balance.

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So history is great. The device will not connect a call or keeps dropping calls. The movement allotted by these different sections allow it to be placed on either the left or right side of the head.

Refer to the Plantronics Voyager Legend device page to find the appropriate guide for replacement of the damaged component.

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The app did help find the street the first time when I shut it off. Follow the steps in the Plantronics Voyager Legend earpiece replacement guide that detail the replacement of this component.

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Are they or you doing so with a traditional wired pair of headphones? It is rather amazing to use that Plantronics was able to stuff everything needed inside such a small space.

One or both of these components may have malfunctioned. Right off the bat, you might notice that the earbuds are a bit larger than you might expect. The volume up that doubles as track forward by holding it down and you guessed it, holding down the volume down key reverses the track.

Plantronics Voyager Legend Troubleshooting

Follow the steps in the Plantronics Voyager Legend microphone replacement guide to replace this button. Then jawbone continually went down hill. It should be noted that there is a Digital Signal Processor being used for the active noise and full duplex echo cancellation.

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I was so disappointed. Plantronics was able to improve battery life across the board, which is very important for a wireless mobile headset. My voice is not clear to the receiver of the phone call.

When I found it I went into settings to get it to reconnect.

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The inline controller is pretty easy to use and you get quickly used to it. But it just said not connected.

Plantronics Headset CS70

What a terrific earbuds. Once you select the right eartips, you just need to pair the headset. It repeatedly unpaired even during calls. Why not try listening to that music wirelessly with a good set of Bluetooth earbuds? Plantronics designed these for people living an active lifestyle and coated them with a P2i military-grade nano-coating to protect with them against sweat, moisture, and spills.

These buttons are more than just stop and the volume adjustment as they also handle answer, decline, pause and play functions. Plantronics has a great page with step by step instructions on how to do this for most devices here that is worth taking a look at if you need some pairing help.

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Lost Device mode Jan 19, Wordup-Ecig. It should have connected on its own.

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The main internal circuit board is malfunctioning and needs to be replaced. Then tried the tone and I could hear it. The charger housing is slim for easy packing, but most people these days likely charge USB devices from their laptop.

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The battery is defective.