Point Counter Point by Aldous Huxley - The th Greatest Fiction Book of All Time Point Counter Point by Aldous Huxley - The th Greatest Fiction Book of All Time

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Point Counter Point (1996)

It was a pale face and so thin that the down-thrown light of the electric lamp hanging above them made a shadow in the hollows below the cheek-bones. But what he wanted was Lucy Tantamount.

He meets Illidge, a young scientist of working-class origin, and taunts him for his angry left-wing rhetoric and actual political impotence; eventually they join together and succeed in murdering Everard Webley.

There was exasperation in his tone. But her unhappiness was blackmailing him. Sign In Point Counter Point by Aldous Huxley Aldous Huxley's lifelong concern with the dichotomy between passion and reason finds its fullest expression both thematically and formally in his masterpiece Point Counter Point.

Each character represents some aspect of life or is a stereotype of some sort from a rather vapid group in the twenties. Instead, the story is an intricate set of sub-plots revolving around several key characters each with a set of sub characters.

And what had been a blob of jelly within her body would invent a god and worship; what had been a kind of fish would create and, having created, would become the battle-ground of disputing good and evil; what had blindly lived in her as a parasitic worm would look at the stars, would listen to music, would read poetry.

John Bidlake, Walter's father, a painter based on Augustus John. The second is sex where various possibilities and relationships are described.

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And yet, in spite of his shame and, in a sense, because of it, he continued to feel the shameful emotions with an intensity that seemed to increase rather than diminish. He had taught me not to trust any authority, indeed any public statement even when made in private.

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We've already seen the worst. But she could not prevent herself from speaking; she loved him too much, she was too agonizingly jealous.

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She dreaded the pain, she dreaded the inevitable difficulties and embarrassments. Hush now, that's not true. No longer overlaid by happiness, her fears came to the surface, filled her mind. Six months from now her baby would be born.

If he had fallen for the local mumbo-jumbo that was a pity. The novel gives only vague hints as to what he has actually done to the girl.

He had taken me inside people's skulls and shown me what really went on. For he lacked the brutal courage to give it utterance; he was sorry for her, he was fond of her in spite of everything; he was incapable of being openly and frankly cruel-he was cruel only out of weakness, against his will.

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The various character paths cross in varying circumstances. Webley is often assumed to be based on Oswald Mosleybut there are reasons for doubting this: In spite of everything, she was glad. While there were few close-ups of actual body parts, the sheer enormity of the horror was overwhelming to most and certainly couldn't be less than a single man's body, however mutilated.

It drawled a little, it was too refined-even in misery. He is far too didactic and his characters get into long monologues. The literature in Gujarati or Marathi and Hindi that I could read, as well as much that was available in English, was romantic and soppy. It would be stupid to miss your father and that American man.

Ever so much happier. But no, no, no! But Marjorie did not return his smile. Philosophically, the entire book plays on the dichotomy between reason and passion.

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Along with Brave New World written a few years laterPoint Counter Point is Huxley's most concentrated attack on the scientific attitude and its effect on modern culture. Too weak to move him, the feeble outburst would only annoy. It was later broadcast on PBS television in My uncles and my elder brother wanted me to be politically oriented, that is, a left-wing, intellectual.

But the lie, he reflected, must be transparently visible through the smoke. Afternoons in a studio. By presenting a vision of life in which diverse aspects of experience are observed simultaneously, Huxley characterizes the symptoms of "the disease of modern man" in the manner of a composer - themes and characters are repeated, altered slightly, and played off one another in a tone that is at once critical and sympathetic.

Above all, he was cynical and funny. The British Council had a wonderful reading room and a collection of newer books that I coveted. Instead of a single central plot, there are a number of interlinked storylines and recurring themes as in musical " counterpoint ".

Mark Rampion, a writer and painter. My family was a literate one and reading books was a passion. That Allied Forces have removed this mass murderer from the world is something worth photographing and displaying.

The child, she believed, would bring Walter closer; he had begun to fade away from her even then. But a friend who was slightly older, a playwright and theatre director, suggested Huxley's Point Counter Point. Lawrencewhom Huxley admired greatly, Rampion is a fierce critic of modern society. Philip and Elinor have a young son, little Phil, who becomes ill and dies of meningitis.

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He put his arm round her. The presence of Quarles in the novel allows Huxley to spell out his artistic credo, though he does so with a breezy self-deprecation that seems to me characteristic.

How can we trust a group which has different spellings to the rest of us to make the right choices about digital images? Maurice Spandrell, an intellectual without purpose or faith based on Charles Baudelairewho of course did not live in Huxley's time.