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After getting a send-off from their mother in Vaniville Town, the player travels along Routes 2 and 3 and through Santalune Forest.

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Trainer customization Main article: The friends decide the player should get it, and Korrina will tell them to come to her Gym and defeat her first. And I programmed it: Mega Evolution Main article: Nevertheless I did it because nobody else did, so I guess I'm not livello speed dating usual guy who says "organisator" when he means "I say things and you all do them!!

To stop him, the player travels to Lysandre Labs and defeat him and the four female scientists.

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As the player reaches the gate to Lumiose Citythey meet Sina and Dexiowho introduce the new Fairy type. She tells the player that Lucario can sense something in the player's aura.

They go to Professor Sycamore's lab, and soon the rest of their friends arrive. Gyms X and Y feature Gyms just as most other main series titles. Afterward, AZ says he finally knows what it means to be a Trainer again, and his Floette appears from the sky and is reunited with him.

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Sky Battles Main article: The player now has the ability to rollerskateat least under certain conditions, and can also free roam on no grid.

By the way, battling is of course possible, but it is not the main component and by now it is only a coin toss.

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SkiddoMamoswineand Rhyhorn can be ridden in certain locations and allow the player to interact with the environment, by destroying rocks and crossing broken paths. They thank you for finding their Apple Watch and ask you to hold onto it until they have a day off from work and can retrieve it.

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However, there is one restriction. The player returns to Route 7 to wake the Snorlax and unblock the path to reach Connecting Cave. In this case, or if you want to contact the developers, please write to sos.

During the parade, AZ asks the player for a battle. If you do, please report them here. When the player arrives at Dendemille Town via Routes 15 or 16Professor Sycamore and his aides will discuss the legend of Xerneas or Yveltal.

Pokemon X and Y

As I mentioned, I'm the programmer and the organisator. This type was added to balance the Dragon type, which was previously only weak to itself and Ice.

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There, the player earns the Psychic Badge from Olympia. As soon as I have both, she'll be added. This is especially important since there could be any number of girls. Besides some minor things, the game is a pretty standart Dating Sim, so you build up your stats and conform the girls to get them to like you.

Lysandre says he desires a beautiful world and leaves the building.

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That is the topic of my post today. On Route 7a sleeping Snorlax can be found blocking the way. Fairy type One new type has been introduced, the Fairy type. Until then Brock will stick with 10 for each. Coding I'll do that: This also works with the bike.

Special Feature

By the way, this is the Alpha Version, it is almost completely untested, through I hope you won't get to much error messages.

In my opinion, being able to chat with characters via phone in video games makes it feel like you know them on a closer level. The player discovers that Lysandre has imprisoned AZ. P product placement yo Suddenly the Xtransciever rings!

As a programmer, my goal was to keep the programming as general as possible, so that it is extendable.