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To add to the drama, these close friends trained together and knew each other's games better than just about anyone. ThanksAlot got his revenge in a big way, finishing with two perfect games and going in the Grand Finals to claim victory.

The third match was intense, with Justin's Celesteela edging out Connor's Primarina to win the Championship. But Jeremy anticipated Justin's changes and continued to correctly anticipate his opponent's actions. Enzo Reci and Alfredo Chang-Gonzalez have both made it to plenty of top cuts at the highest level.

What an incredible run of final matches here at the North America International Championships.

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But neither of them had been able to earn the title of Champion in recent events, so both had a lot to play for in this match.

With three International Championship titles already to his name, many expected Tord to be the favorite in this event.

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See details on the individual final matches below. Justin has won an embolo definicion yahoo dating eight Regional Championships this year, while Connor has won two and made the top cut in a pair of International Championships.

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But to make it this far in such a stacked field shows that both players have what it takes to become champion. She got off to a quick start, immediately getting in position to commence taking Prize cards.

In the first game, Connor struggled to do major damage, and his Kommo-o wasn't quite strong enough to overcome Justin's powerful team. After splitting the first two games, Kaya seemed to get exactly the cards she needed to start the deciding third match.

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Congratulations to our finalists and to everyone who played hard here in Columbus. Despite some strong showings in past years, neither had made much of a splash in 's major tournaments. Enzo Reci USA With these two veterans of International Championships taking the stage, fans knew they were going to get a quality battle.

It wasn't a surprise that this contest went to three games, and in the end, it came down to good draws by Jackson to take the victory. The crowd for the Grand Final was easily the loudest of the weekend, and they weren't left disappointed by the action.

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The North America International Championships are over, and your new champions have been crowned! Enzo tried a variety of different strategies to slow down his opponent's powerful team, but wasn't able to unlock the winning combination that could get him on top.

We'll be streaming the event live all weekend long so you won't miss any of the top action. Jeremy easily took game one by using a straightforward attacking strategy instead of trying to get into a speed contest with Justin.

Alfredo was in cruise control for most of the battle, getting strong work out of his Incineroar in both games. The finals was a matchup of opposing styles, with the energetic Justin playing a more conventional team and the calm Connor using a slightly more unorthodox squad.

ThanksAlot — Sceptile Runner-up:

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