How much do you know about Louis Tomlinson? How much do you know about Louis Tomlinson?

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Hannah on Mar 21, By: But fortunately for Directioners, there's no romance happening here. Does Louis tomlinton from one direction have 5 sisters? Sara on Aug 31, Louis is the leader of 1D: His hair is swayed to the left at the front. Those two seem to be backing me, which is nice," Louisa said.

Louis Tomlinson but his middle name is on wiki look up one direction on wiki!!


He always makes everyone laugh. He have a girlfriend name Eleanor Calder. Niamh on Mar 16, He is a Superman Legend. Daisy and Phoebe who are twins. Kaitlyn Piekarczyk on Mar 2, I think louis tomlinsons life is so awesome i admire everything he does By: Follow her if you want.

And he never sing solo in one direction he always get a chance singing together with the other One direction.

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No he has 4 sisters though! Well in the video daries they do these random things so he had a book Meltdown By ben moltins And he Randomly read No!! He's very funny and a prankster. If not I'm sorry and excuse me for being rude but that is just sad.

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Jenni on Apr 4, Louis is amazing and he is fabulouis. The year-old has revealed she received a private message from One Direction's Louis Tomlinson. Emma Hunter on Apr 13, Louis Tomlinson is my idol i voted for him on the X Factor every night he is my fav boy from One Direction i hope someone shows him this!

While hoards of teenage girls' lives would be made by the sending of a simple DM, Louisa seems pretty chill about the whole situation.

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His long name is Louis Tomlinson. None of the members are. Haylee on Apr 20, His voice is awesome. Search her on twitter. Whether its a great fact, a joke, a personal experience or an interesting anecdote, please share it with all the human beings on planet earth.

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Who is Louis on One Direction? He's usually wearing stripes and brightly colored pants.

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He is the oldest member of the band, but the most childish. He is now currently in a realtionship with Serina Tatham. Thanks; What is louis last name in one direction? Is Harry styles and Louis Tomlinson out of one direction gay? Harry is definatly not as he went out with loads of girls.

Louis Tomlinson

Not because he's "cute", or "hot" but I'm not saying he isn't but because he has been my inspiration. But if Louisa isn't after Louis, she is catching the attention of another band member. Tomlison on Aug 10, By: Please enter your Name and what you would like to tell everyone about Louis Tomlinson Name: Louis was a guest judge at the Judges' Houses round of the comp and is hotly tipped to be a permanent addition to the panel.

Bob on Feb 28, By: What is Louis from One Directions personality? No they are not.

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Maddie on Apr 17, Louis says he likes girls who eat carrots and his girlfriend Eleanor Calder doesn't like carrots! Louisa is tipped to win the show "Louis Tomlinson direct messaged me.

It was nice to have support," she told the Mirror. Sammy on Mar 7, By: His mum called him that when he was really young.