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Such as a picture of a guitar or a video of a game with no anthropomorphic characters. Have questions about the rules?

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So, is Pounced jumping on some bandwagon, or is something more sinister going on. This is to ensure that the subreddit isn't flooded by a single persons work and to give everyone a chance to have their art be seen.

No user content profiles, posts, pounced dating site, etc. This is a community for fans of anthropomorphic animals.

/fur/ - Furry

Don't claim or sell any work as your own that is not your original art, have no rights to, or have traced. We get a story about detecting what they think are minors on the site, supported by looking at user stats and deducting that there's too many at age The idea is that the system will translate your location to geographical coordinates to calculate your relative distance to other furries.

No personal attacks, aggressive name calling, stalking, harassment, doxxing, or witch-hunts. If that doesn't work, you pounced furry dating ask the subreddit for a source.

Excessive violence Dismemberment, visible organs, and lots of blood. This includes vore, snuff, scat, and cub.

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Explicit or implied penetrative sex, masturbation, sexual depictions of bodily fluids, and any image made with the intent of sexual arousal. Why can't I post all of my work?

Nosebleeds and small cuts are SFW. Then you should provide a link to the artists gallery or social media account. What is an on topic post? Certain content considered questionable or explicit is allowed, but it must include a [Q] or [X] in the title of the submission.

Use a reverse image search.

Furry dating site closes because of FOSTA act

Ferzu is a new social network and dating site for furries of all kinds. These are the rules to follow when creating any kind of submission on the subreddit. On topic posts relate to furries in some way. Such as questions to the community, news about conventions, or art of furry characters.

Personals site and forums for furry fans 18 and over.

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Your email address will not be published. The idea is that the system will translate your location to geographical coordinates to calculate your relative distance to other pounced dating site. When submitting artwork, include the name of the original artist in the title of your post.

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The newsfeeds provides a pounced dating site of what furries are writing on their walls and the comments others are making. Non-Sexual nudity Nudity presented in a non-sexual manner.

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Do not post pornography, yiff, or extreme fetish art. Off topic posts have no relation to furries. A furry dating site?

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I didn't know pounced dating site a reddit existed, and perhaps I'm an old prude, but holy cow, the underaged'ness. If using an image hosting site, like imgur, include a link to the original image in the comments.

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What is an off topic post? Ferzu is like a "gated" community. See our more detailed rules guide or ask the moderators.

Welcome to Reddit,

If you want to share a link to your chatroom, place it into the dedicated chatroom list. Most swimwear is considered SFW. What if I can't find the source? Here you can share art, news, and participate in discussions about the fandom.

Furry dating site closes because of FOSTA act

Suggestive Poses Shots that attempt to draw focus to the breasts or butt of a character. What if I don't know who that is? Barbie doll style nudity is considered SFW.