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Oooh I think they did name Morello after her! Leanneleading the group, asserts that they need to come up with a member support mate1 dating of commandments so people can take them seriously.

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In the library, Taystee checks her pulse and tells Poussey that Soso is not dead. After Poussey is starstruck by Judy King 's presence, Soso talks to King and explains Poussey is nervous but wants to meet her.

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In, " Piece of Shit ", Brooke and Poussey have sex in the bathroom, and discuss whether it's okay that Poussey doesn't get to finish, because Brooke never pleasures her. When Warden Caputo Nick Sandow finally announces the death to the press — this after management conceded that Poussey's military background and charismatic demeanor would make it hard to paint her the villain, instead targeting Baxter as a reckless, rogue guard — doesn't reference Poussey by name.

Soso makes a snide remark on how it's not her fault that Leanne chose meth over teeth. Season four, to that point, isn't just the best season of the series to date, but the one that's most enveloped those narratives — none more powerful than its take on the Black Lives Matter movement.

OITNB writer realized she was gay while working there, is dating Poussey

Poussey quickly runs into movie night and tells Taystee what she saw. Leanne tells Soso to shut the fuck up after Soso calls her crazy, and Poussey slaps her on the shoulder. She begs for Taystee to follow her and after she gives in, Suzanne tags along.

In May, the writer penned an essay on Identities. Are they on a public bus? Poussey and Lauren seem real chummy with one another, posting kissy pics atop as they celebrated Poussey's brithday and flicks of them hanging out and grabbing dinner on their Instagrams: Leanne begins to charge Soso, but is held back by Poussey.

Soso feels as if the agricultural production in the United States is insane, and Poussey intervenes, reminding her she is in prison and stating that if a cow broke her out of there, she would stop eating meat that day.


The two tied the knot 6-months before the series began shooting. Poussey asks if she means something else for excluding people, like how she excluded Soso. And it seems she may have a new love interest…OFF set.

Norma and her group are in the recreational room, discussing Angie's release. Soon after, she realized the lesbian storylines she was writing for the show, ultimately became her real-life truth so she decided to leave her husband. She hands Poussey the pack of pills Soso used to overdose on.

Soso falls asleep again and Poussey shakes her awake.

Poussey and Soso

The next morning, Soso tries initiating sex in the library but Poussey stops her, saying she doesn't want her to try it before she's ready. Wiley spoke German in some of those scenes, and her German was convincingly good.

Both her and Soso join Norma's cult. They consider how Soso defines her sexuality and she says "I like people, not genders", implying that she is bisexual.

Samira Wiley On The Real-Life Inspiration Behind Poussey's Big 'Orange Is The New Black' Moment

I encourage you to embrace your own narrative, whatever that may be. Soso calls them all "a bunch of chicken shit followers", and Poussey says she can't help her anymore " We Can Be Heroes ". This is the last time they interact, as Poussey is killed moments later in the resulting chaos when the guards try to take all the women down.

You can check out the full interview and her full spread here.

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Soso tries twice to apologise to Poussey for assuming, and eventually Poussey forgives her when she stands outside the library with a radio playing Eminem - a reference to the John Cusack film "Say Anything" hence the episode title.

How could it not?

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She then says she's fine with labelling their relationship if that's what Poussey wants, and Poussey says they should label themselves "happy".

Poussey looks over at Soso, and mouths the words "I'm sorry, baby Poussey fell in love with a German girl when she was a teenager growing up on a military base.

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Poussey admits she is lonely and proceeds to break down. One thing that Morelli wrote that impressed was that it was was incredibly painful for her to come out despite how much support she had.