Predicate Nominative (with examples & videos) Predicate Nominative (with examples & videos)

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A predicate nominative is used with a linking verb and "renames" the subject by stating that the subject is the same as the predicate nominative. A predicate nominative is the noun or pronoun that follows a linking verb. A predicate nominative is a noun or a pronoun that restates asubject noun following a linking verb.

What are predicate nominatives? The end of the world has come. You will be immediately recognized.

Examples of Predicate Nominatives

I grow roses in my garden. A predicate nominative might be phrases or clauses. Predicate adjectives complete the linking verb by describing the subject of a sentence. He is at school; h an adverb of place: Elaine is a ballerina.

The number of expressions constituting the simple phraseological predicate is large. It is unlikely to rain. My best friend had become my enemy. I'll take care of that. Yes, a predicate nominative will tell more about a subjectnoun.

He was elected president. It is a plant.

Predicate nominative - definition of predicate nominative by The Free Dictionary

This is the domain of grammar. The compound verbal dispositional predicate is a sub-type of the compound verbal modal predicate. Predicate nominative examples yahoo dating Reagan was the 40th United States President.

John was a policeman. Louis was a baseball player. You cannot wash charcoal white; She might have been more thoughtful about her elders; The car would not start; b a modal expression be able, be about, be allowed, be anxious, be bound, be capable, be going, be obliged, be willing and an infinitive: The "status" verbs e.

The meaning of such sentences can be alternatively rendered in the following way: The simple discrete predicate denotes a single action that is separate and different from similar actions: Your proposition sounds inspiring; g a prepositional phrase: Businessman and philanthropist are the predicate nominatives; they identify Bill Gates.

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Linking Verbs This will make a lot more sense if we talk about linking verbs first. The compound verbal predicate. Most schools are not legally obliged to follow national curriculum; We are anxious to restore friendly links with them; The company is willing to pay you handsomely; That was bound do happen sooner or later, c a verb with a modal meaning manage, fail, try, attempt, long, wish, want, intend, etc.

Subject and object complements for our discussion I am ignoring adverbial complements are each specified as predicative nominals or predicative adjectives, again based on noun or adjective.

He died a hero. It is a country. The weather is not likely to change. I could have been a contender. The idea seemed improbable. It has the same value as the subject.

Predicate Nominative Examples:

Actor is the predicate nominative; it identifies Sean Connery. A glow of light appeared over the sea. We note also that a good speaker is a nominal predicate.

Your employer, your friend, and your uncle is a compound predicate nominative. The car made off at once. Posts 1, Marius has made a worthy effort, and I have no intention of challenging any of his explications.

The Simple Predicate The simple predicate denotes an action or a state which is represented as an action.

Predicate Noun Examples

The structural part of the compound modal predicate may contain both a modal verb and a modal expression: The trouble with him is his continuous lying to everybody. Our plans are to become reality, the compound modal nominal predicate They seem to be very happy, the compound dispositional nominal predicate They used to be good friends, the compound aspect nominal predicate You should give up smoking, the compound modal aspect predicate They must be made to sign this paper, the compound modal dispositional predicate They are reported to have started using the new technique, the compound dispositional aspect predicate She must have stopped feeling young long ago.

The doctor felt her pulse. Chemist and physicist are the predicate nominatives; they identify Marie Curie. The hills lay bare and deserted.

What is a Predicate Nominative? Definition, Examples on Predicate Nominatives

Predicate Nominatives versus Predicate Adjectives Not everything that follows a linking verb is a predicate nominative. One way to see if a sentence includes a predicate nominative is to substitute the verb with the word equals.

Who is Bill Gates? She seems to know everything. Mary is my sister.

Predicate Nominative

The compound nominal predicate may also ascribe the subject to a certain class: The root of the term, nominative, means name.

A predicate nominative is a noun or pronoun that follows a linking verb and renames or identifies the subject. The case became a hot potato for the government. If your text, or your instructor, illustrated one attribute from the first sentence, and another attribute from the second sentence, it may have been confusing, but it may not have been for the purpose of contrasting the two sentences.

Remember, a predicate nominative is a noun or a pronoun that renames the subject. She was a chemist and physicist.